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The sword that inspired the Sword of Omens then extinguished it: Excalibur!
Yeah, it's time for another evil episode review.


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Oh, goody goody goo drops—hidden text! Why am I using this cheap trick that unsavory people like to use? Simple—I don't mention the Thundercats very often on this page, and this site is all about Thundercats! So I'm just going on about the Thundercats, as well as Mumm-Ra, Mumm-Ra, Mumm-Ra! Heh heh. Give me the ultimate evil mummy villain devil priest of First Earth—who should be ruling Third Earth, because he's too cool! When he got the Sword of Plundarr, he was on top! Okay, he should have been; his reflection weakness came to an end, much to my delight! Thunder, thunder, Thundercats—ho! Did I mention that this is a Thundercats website? Want fan-art? Yeah? I got some killer fan-art! Jared rules! Hee hee hee! Um, let's see—WilyKit and WilyKat are the stars here. How many ways do people spell their names, anyway? Wileykat, WileyKit? I've seen Willykit and Willykat, believe it or not! Lion-o, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, and Jaga wouldn't approve—that raises their Thundercat hackles like you wouldn't believe! Oh, I have fan-fiction! Fan-fics rule! Hee hee hee! Not much sex though, when I do the occasional weird story, my focus is on comedy. Why write "whacking material" when I can make people laugh? (Okay, I do have a stash of R-rated stories in a non-linked place, but you'll have to e-mail me for details. Heh heh.) Making up weird situations for the Thundercats is so much fun, but then again, so is writing my gigantic Thunder Twins story! WilyKit and WilyKat come of age and the Mutants are involved, of course. Heh heh heh. Is this a waste of Thundera bandwidth? Nah. Massive amounts of Thundercats artwork, midi music, textures, and other stuff! Thundercats!!! I have to keep saying it because Ian's ultimate money-centered website seems to have permeated all the search engines, and I'm hoping to at least reach the tenth spot on Metacrawler for a Thundercats search for Thundercats! (Sad, huh?) Well, I'll say it again: Thundercats, HO! Did I say Thundercats again? Yeah. I'm saying Thundercats way too often here. The things I do to attract Thundercat fans— I'll probably end up posting flames from retards who are looking for Thundercat snowmobiles and aren't intelligent enough to back their browser up and look for their Thundercats elsewhere. Heh heh. Doggone it! Well, if you are still reading this, I'm amazed. Why not sign my guestbook? Mumm-Ra himself would approve!
Yes, I know that repeating keywords has no real effect on search engine placement, but the stuff I wrote above is funny, no? Heh heh heh. Thundercats forever!