I need a bigger car stereo... Who is this nut anyway?

Disposable Heroes by Metallica

All shoplifters will be terminated!

Hmm. Where to begin? I call myself Erich Zann, the Mad Bassist for starters. It's sort of a play on an H. P. Lovecraft character. (The "Erich" part is quite real.)

What am I? Musician (bassist and songwriter,) writer, programmer, videogame junkie, convenience store clerk (graveyard shift more often than not,) cat property ("owner" is a term for people with dogs,) sushi lover, pyrotechnician, electronics technician, gourmet cook (from Mexican to Japanese to Hindu and everywhere else a cookbook can take me,) and yeah, I am a Thundercats fan.

Ah, the Thundercats. It's rather funny that I ended up here like this. I expected to join a crowd of programmers, musicians, or at least pyromaniacs, but it didn't happen. I ended up in a small crowd of fan fiction writers dedicated to that old cartoon. We're a family of sorts, and I'm here to stay.

Why the Thundercats? It was a show that I loved to watch when I was a teenager. KPTV in Portland, Oregon showed the original Exodus movie to introduce the show (if memory serves.) I always did like cartoons, especially the few that were fun to watch. Thundercats was at the top of my list—it had sexy characters (um, okay—only one sexy regular character: Cheetara! If I stretch my imagination and picture WilyKit in her late teens, that's another story. Actually, I have "modest" examples in my art section. Heh heh.) It also had cheesy humor and bad physics, but that just made it more fun to my warped mind. Finally, it had Mumm-Ra!

Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living: possibly the greatest villain ever animated on public television. I have to say he was the main draw for me. When I was eighteen, I'd be watching the show while my father was in the kitchen working at his easel (yeah, he's an artist.) If Mumm-Ra came on, I would announce, "He's on!" and he would usually drop what he's doing. We're both fans of Frank Frazetta and other fantasy/sci-fi artists, and we loved the work that went into the characters and backgrounds in the show. Mumm-Ra wasn't used constantly, which was one reason I'm drawn to him. When he decided to get personally involved and transform into his nine-foot butt-kicking mode, it was a special occasion!

Okay, what else? I'm one of the moderators at www.customerssuck.com. I'm not a normal moderator there, but then I'm not a normal person. ;-) I specialize in the chat room rather than the message board. It's a fine community of people that have to deal with the public on a regular basis, and we have members from Australia to Alaska.

I leave you now with some pictures and my favorite thing to say to people (because I've dabbled in so many different things in my life):

You can do anything—it's just a matter of time and obsession!

This was taken in 1997 when I moved up to North Dakota, and right before I had my mother cut my hair. What did it get me? A supermarket job. Oh well. That car is long gone—traded for a Subaru XT sports car. Why? It was falling apart, and I had a customer that bugged me for three months to sell it to him. He finally came in and offered the little car straight across. That was good: I needed something that ran.

Halloween 2001 - the evil convenience store assistant manager strikes! That was taken at the height of my "career" in the C-store biz. It also happens to be the night when I first made contact with the crowd at Customerssuck.com :-)

Kitty salad!
And there's Chipmunk—possibly the sweetest cat in the world. I got her in 1992 when she was four months old, and she's been my sanity anchor on more than one occasion. From Portland to Texas to California to North Dakota and back to Portland, she was a well-traveled cat. She was with me until the summer of 2005, so she lived a good thirteen years and I'll never forget her.

Back in Portland, Oregon—July 2004.

My latest work uniform, now that I'm working in a classy place!

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