(Best New Site '99)

Future Military Theme From Duke Nukem 3D

JetKitten gave me an award!
Is she cool or what?


Yes, these are actual awards that I won myself or along with other people
for things that reside on my website. Thanks to all who voted in '99!
Best Thundercats Fanfic (II)
Thunder Twins

Best New Good Guy (II)
(From Thunder Twins)

Best New Villain (II)
(From Thunder Twins)

Best Crossover (II)
The Black Puzzle Box

Best Overall Weird Story (I)
Mutant Crabs
(by myself, Fuzzball,
and Thunderwolf)

Weirdest Pairing (I)
Snarf and... heh heh
(in Love Interest)

Best Crossover (I)
Love Interest

Best New Character Drawing (I)
(by Jetkitten and myself)

Best Fan Art Collection (II)
My Evil Altered Screen Captures

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