The Evil Fan's
Episode Guide!

Mumm-Ra's Theme

This isn't your normal episode guide—this is from an evil character fan's point of view. Sure, the heroes are the heroes, but they'd be nothing without someone to fight. Come on, how much fun would it be watching Lion-o sitting around clawing the furniture all day? Besides—Mumm-Ra is the coolest villain allowed on public TV!

First Season
 Part I 
(The Classic Episodes: 1-21)

 Part II 
(The Classic Episodes: 22-44)

 Part III 
(The Classic Episodes: 45-65)

Second Season
 Part I 
(The New Thundercats: 66-90)

 Part II 
(Searching for the Treasure of Thundera: 91-110)

 Part III 
(Adventures on New Thundera: 111-130)

Evil icons you will see within:
One of the best episodes!
Mumm-Ra is involved.
Mumm-Ra gets big, up close, and personal!
Mumm-Ra transforms unusually.
(Very rare eventónot the repeated scenes!)
Lion-o gets knocked out.
(Being frozen doesn't count.)
"Snarf electrocution scene."
(Occasionally appearing as multiple icons. Heh heh.)
Snarf-free episode!!!
(A truly rare beast.)
William Overgard episode.
(Prepare to forget everything you know about physics.)
One of the worst episodes ever made!

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