The Evil Fan's
Episode Guide!
First Season
(The classic episodes—Part III)

Dead Embryonic Cells by Sepultura

Lion-o's Anointment:
  1. First Day - The Trial of Strength
  2. Second Day - The Trial of Speed
  3. Third Day - The Trial of Cunning
  4. Fourth Day - The Trial of Mind Power
  5. Final Day - The Trial of Evil


Lion-O's Annointment:
(Written by Leonard Starr)
First Day—The Trial of Strength: Okay, judging by the title, this is going to be a long haul. Finally, one of the multi-part stories I've been hearing about. Solving all of life's problems in twenty-two minutes can be tiring.

The story starts with Lion-O waking up, and once again he's been sleeping with all his battle gear on. At least he isn't sleeping with his sword and claw shield, it wouldn't be good for him to roll over, activate his claw lines, and explain to the others why he can't sit down at the breakfast table.

Lion-O says, "Uh oh, the sun's up, I overslept! And today of all days. But that's probably why they let me sleep a bit later, because this is the great day."

Snarf shows up with a cart loaded with food and wishes him a happy birthday, but sounds depressed. Lion-O goes on a bit about the others missing and speculates. "Is everyone suddenly going to leap out from behind the furniture crying 'surprise!' like I'm still a kid, even today?"

Snarf says there will be a surprise but that isn't it. He tells him to eat his breakfast. There is a ton of food, enough to feed everyone (and then some.) Lion-O says, "All that food is for me alone? Good grief, Snarf! I'll never be able to get it all down."

Snarf tells him to try—he's going to need all the energy he can muster up for the anointment trials. He knows there is some ceremony, and Snarf says that comes later, if he passes the trials. Lion-O raises an eyebrow and says, "If I pass the trials?"

The others are standing around outside and talking about the trials. So far what I've learned is that every Lord of the Thundercats must pass several trials to become Lord of the Thundercats. I take it they gave him the title too soon? Snarf says he's just the heredity lord. Now he'll have to prove himself worthy of the title by following a map that Snarf gave him. He'll have to best each of the others along the way to make it to the next point.

Wow, seven paragraphs and I've only made one minor joke and haven't referred to Cheety yet. Heh heh, this should be interesting—a challenge he won't be able to use the crutch… er, sword to win. "They'll try to stop me? My friends?" Snarf says, "It's their sworn duty!"

Lion-O asks who his first opponent is, and it's Panthro. That nearly takes the wind out of him, and it should. This must be what the Trial of Strength is all about. I hope it's not just a trial of strength, but one of ass-kicking as well. Then again, Panthro would own him in that case and we'd never see him take on Cheety. I don't suppose he's going to be expected to outrun her huh? Sorry, thinking of the spotted babe is making me get ahead of myself. Until we have quality time with Cheetara, I'll be happy seeing Panthro kicking Lion-O's ass.

Lion-O heads to the chamber (of omens?) and says the sword is gone, and so is the claw. Snarf says, "I forgot to mention you have to go through the anointment trials unarmed, Lion-o. Oh gee, I wish I could help..." Lion-O cuts him off. "No, no Snarf. I prefer it this way." Smart move on the part of Lion-O. I've always thought Snarf was a hazard, and the sooner we start this adventure, the less we can see of him.

Hmm, perhaps Snarf could be the first trial? "Before you go, Lion-O, you have to survive my cooking, snarf snarf! Too bad you didn't take my food-tasting training seriously. It's one of those things every king should know…" "Snarf! You tricked me! If I can make it across the floor to you, I'm going to put you in a paper bag!" "Snaaaaarf!"

Lion-O says he's always taken his title for granted and has even been cocky about it. Gee, ya think? If he survives this, he'll have even more reason to be cocky. "I'm LORD Lion-O, LORD of the Thundercats!" Ugh.

His first trial appears to be… sticker bushes! He tries to go over them by climbing a tree, but someone coated the trees with goo, much like one might put vaseline on a doorknob. Looking closer at the video, the only place the brambles are is on the path. It looks like he could just go around the row of trees off to the side. I'll give Lion-O the benefit of the doubt here. Anyway, his solution is to charge through the bushes at full speed. I don't think that's the move of a smart leader. I think I would have tried to employ fire or lackeys, but evil always has more options.

Lion-O emerges unscathed. Wouldn't it have been funny if Lion-O ended up having to call for help, making all the other Thundercats leave their places of hiding to untangle him like a kitten from a double-knit curtain? "Lion-O, you didn't even get to the first trial!" "Yes I did! Snarf is safely locked up in a paper bag back at the lair."

Next trial is a lake he decides to cross instead of going around because it would take too long. He's getting ready to dive when a couple of giant vultures above knock down some fruit they're feeding on. They drop more fruit, making Lion-O exclaim "Oh no, not again!" I fail to see the excitement in that. He sees one of the fruits fall in the water and dissolve, so now it's known that the lake's water is a powerful acid. One more moment and Lion-O would have dived in. Oh for shame!

Lion-O decides to snare a vulture, gets carried across the lake, nearly gets skimmed along the water, and finds himself as potential food for the chicks. He soon escapes.

Next up is the Great Void. It turns out to be an entity that looks like something from Scooby Doo, but at least it isn't a vengeful scientist wearing a cloak. It tries to consume Lion-O, but he wrestles his way across the ghost's territory.

Are we ever going to get to Panthro?

Nope, first Lion-O has to deal with "The Vortex." It's a outcropping of rock shaped like the Great Void that generates a great wind which he can feel, yet it doesn't affect a feather he's holding. Odd and interesting. Now it's drawing in pieces of wood, so the apparent mental effect isn't happening anymore. After wrestling with a few pieces of wood, he manages to get across.

Lion-O collapses from exhaustion on a beach, and the scene fades out with a couple of huge crab-creatures coming up through the sand. We're back from the commercial—the crabs come all the way up and reveal themselves to be "Crab Men," and insecticide-fortified shampoo isn't going to help. Lion-O figures if he leaps over them, they'll follow his motion and land on their backs. For some reason this works, and the mutant crabbies can't stand up. Most convenient.

Finally we see Panthro. After a painful amount of exposition ("But, I don't wanna fight you, I love you, man!") we're finally getting somewhere. Panthro gets into his badass fighting stance and starts taking swings and kicks. Can you say "red-headed stepchild?"

Well, our red-headed would-be king is doing nothing but dodging. Lion-O is losing points for bravery here. They wind up in a game of Mercy. Lion-O gets the upper hand and Panthro rolls out of it. Come on Panthro, just kick his ass!

Wouldn't you know it? The gods of writing decided now is the time for an earthquake to happen. The ground opens up and Lion-O falls in. After hanging for a moment or two, Panthro says he's forbidden to aid him in any way during the trials. He then says, "Blast the trials. Hang on, Lion-O, I'll get you out." Lion-O refuses his help and says he can make it out on his own.

Okay, fine. Lion-O vaults up as the ground starts closing again and narrowly misses becoming cat food. Can we get back to Panthro making Lion-O eat dirt? No, of course not. A bunch of boulders break free, and a rather large one threatens to start a landslide that would squash the Wollo village at the bottom of the mountain. Panthro stops the boulder and can't hold it for long. Lion-O takes over and barely manages to push the boulder over a ridge so it can fall harmlessly out of the way.

Panthro comes up and says, "You've done it, Lion-O. You're stronger than I am." Lion-O replies with, "I'd hate to put that to the test when you've recovered, Panthro."

We all know Panthro would have made him his "ho." If he was mad at Lion-O, surely this would have ended up differently, but I'm not bitter. If Lion-O had lost, we wouldn't get to see him take on Cheety tomorrow, and that's going to be a nice day indeed. Heh heheh.

Lion-O collects his prize—Panthro's insignia—and puts it on his belt next to his own. Starting a collection, eh? They exchange "Ho"s as Lion-O goes on his way.

I can't fault Panthro, for a good guy he's pretty cool. I can see him thinking, "Just wait until I get a good night's rest and a couple Berbil Beers. I'll show you who the 'ho' is! Ugh, lousy friggin' boulder."

Okaaay! Back from the commercial, we see the spotted one! I'm not a cat, but dammit I can purr! "If Lion-O survived Panthro's trial, we should meet at this point at dawn." She does a most graceful leap and flip from the ground to a rather high tree limb. Oh yes, this is going to be sweeeeet!

Back at the lair, Snarf is whining about the sun being down and no news. "What am I worrying about? Wasn't Lion-O raised by the mighty Snarf? Didn't I teach him everything I know? Whoops, I didn't teach him how to make everyone obey him by the power of the whine, but then that's a Snarf's talent." The sword comes to life, so Snarf knows he passed his first trial. "Only four more to go…"

What are the next four trials?

Let's see, we know he will try to be faster than Cheetara. I don't see how he's going to do that without stealing a skycutter from the mutants, and even then it's iffy. Perhaps if he grabs the Crystal Queen's sled? They didn't show what happened to it. Say what you will (or what I did) about the crystally one, she did have a sweet ride.

What's next? Hmm. Will he have to out-poof Tygra? Lion-O wrestling with an invisible tiger should be entertaining.

Will he have to outsmart WilyKit? For being annoying, she seems somewhat smart. Perhaps we'll get to see Lion-O fend of an itching powder attack. That would be more entertaining.

Will he have to out-dumb WilyKat? Maybe that last one would be the ultimate test. "If I were WilyKat, what would I do here? Of course! This would be the least smart road to take and lordship will be mine! Ho! Ouch!"

I guess we'll find out.

Second Day—The Trial of Speed: Sober isn't the way to review this one, so… *fuels up on a couple dozen chocolate-covered coffee beans and washes it down with a bottle of Coke BlãK while the opening sequence plays*

Ahhhh… huh? Okay, instead of this episode starting with the furry object of everyone's desires, it starts at Castle Plundarr with The Mutants. Already I feel the quality screen time being drained away. Then again, I can't expect this to be a twenty minute Cheetara photo shoot, can I? Well, one can dream.

Slythe starts it off by saying, "Are you certain this information is correct? It seems improbable."

Monkian reports, "The Thundercats are fighting among themselves. I tell you it's true! The information comes from my best source."

"I'll only believe it if I see it with my own eyes."

Monkian adds, "There's another thing. According to my source, Lion-O travels alone—without the wretched Snarf and without the Sword of Omens." When asked who his source is, Monkian seems a bit embarrassed as he says, "I met her in a tree." Jackalman says, "She sounds a little 'out of her tree' to me" but thinks it's a good idea to check it out anyway.

So apparently Monkian has a girlfriend. I'm not sure this is a mental image I want to have floating in my head. Hot monkey love… no, bad! Bad! Begone, foul…

Oooooh… Cheety…

She's sleeping on a tree limb in a rather provocative pose. The shot is a bit distant, but that's why DVD players have freeze and zoom controls.

*ahem* Sorry, I know I do have a job to do here.

Now we get an extreme closeup of her face as she says, "First light."

Back to a medium-distant shot and… holy mother of…!

Cheety stretches in cat fashion on her hands and knees! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! The coffee beans must be kicking in. Heh heh heheheheheh!

D`oh! Jackalman and Monkian flying by in the background cut that shot short. Cheety quickly straightens out and leaps down from the tree. I must have a word with the muties about this. Oh well, that's why DVD players also have review and slow motion controls.

Sorry, I forgot you were all waiting for me. *straightens up and retracts tongue*

Cheetara says, "Mutants! Now of all times! Not that they're ever a welcome sight."

Now we're seeing Lion-O walking along and massaging his arm. "Muscles still stiff. It's just dumb luck that I'm still around to feel anything after fighting Panthro." Yeah, dumb luck that an earthquake happened at that exact moment so he didn't really have to fight Panthro, but I'm not going to dwell on that. He continues with, "And today I'm supposed to be faster than…"

Cheetara suddenly grabs his arm and pulls him between some rocks just before Slythe flies by in his Nosediver. One curious thing on the soundtrack here: while they show a distant shot of the rocks after Lion-O's out of sight, you can hear a sound like a slap or punch followed by grunt from the red-headed one. Was he getting too friendly before the camera returned to them? It could be suggested by the timing, the way she's looking away from him, and the way he says, "Cheetara?"

Perhaps I'll blame the coffee beans again.

She says, "Shhh… Mutants!"

Lion-O jumps in. "And we're hiding from them? No way!"

Cheetara talks to him like a bad dog: "No, Lion-O!" Damn she's beautiful when she's serious. "It's forbidden to let anything interfere with the anointment trials!"

Meanwhile, the muties are-a-searchin'.

Cheetara says, "I see you have one Thundercat insignia. It couldn't have been easy."

Lion-O says, "Winning this from Panthro was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life."

"But you won."

"But now I have you to contend with. I'm not sure I want to go on with this!"

This prompts an appearance by Obi-Jaga-Kenobi. "If you are to be anointed as the true Lord of the Thundercats, you must pass all the trials, Lion-O."

"But that means fighting and competing with my friends!"

"It is an important learning experience for you. Without the sword, you will have to use ingenuity in addition to courage and strength." In other words, he'll have to actually work.

"But I'm not better than the other Thundercats!"

"You don't have to be better, Lion-o. But you do have to prove your leadership qualities."

"And if I fail?"

"You will fail if you give up before you even begin." Inspirational speech delivered, ye olde ghoste disappears. Hopefully he'll only show up one more time to smile and wave if Lion-O gets through all of this.

I really have to wonder what's going through Cheety's mind as she's watching half of that conversation. Well, if he does fail, it's not like anyone else is in line for the throne. Heh heh.

Lion-O says this to Cheetara: "There is no way I could beat you in a straight, flat-out race, we both know that. I'm going to take a different route to the finish line: west."

"That's a very difficult and dangerous route, Lion-O."

"But it's much shorter."

"It's virtually impossible."

"That is my choice."

Cheetara huffs it up a bit. "Then go. Now!" Go west, young man!

…and they're off!

Cue Cheetara theme and the slow motion button…

Back at the lair, Tygra says he's made the right choice. So it was all planned! This seems less a race and more a contest of dodging hazards. So far they tried to make him dive into an acid lake, get mauled by a ghost, sucked up by a rock, and get tangled in sticker bushes.

Perhaps these episodes should be called "The Anointment Hazings?" Not that I'm not enjoying this, heh heh.

Next thing you know, Snarf spots the Mutants. Tygra and Panthro take off for "a diversionary move" to try keeping them away from the action.

Lion-O's running along and says he'll have to fight the weather too. He says the mud isn't helping much, but it can't be doing Cheetara any good either. I don't know, there's a lot to be said for cheetah chicks and mud. Sorry, I was being too predictable that time. Heh heh.

Next test: giant flower with coiled tentacles for stamens—you know, male flower parts that reach out and grab Lion-O. Could we be looking at the very thing which inspired Urotsukidôji?

Luckily for us, Lion-O just happened to be in Warrior Babe country. Nayda says, "The Mandrelga Flowers, some fool got too close to one of them." Hmm. That flower had a reach of at least forty feet. They make awfully good watchdogs.

Willa calls out and says she'll help, which Lion-O can't accept. "No! Don't help me!"

Nayda says, "Too proud to take help from women?"

Willa says, "I don't know. I didn't think Lion-O was like that."

The flower swallows Lion-O, so Willa says she's going to help anyway. She tries to hack at the root, but the plant extends its leaves to protect itself. Lion-O manages to burst free, and ends up getting snared again. Instead of being drawn in again, he swings the flower around and smashes it. When approached by the maidens, he says "Let me pass, Willa! I have to get to the river!" When they warn him of the danger, he says he can't let that matter.

Nayda says, "What's with him today?"

Willa says, "I don't know, but I mean to find out."

They catch up to him and he says he needs to get across. Willa starts to tell him what they use, and he cuts her off. "No, don't tell me."

Nayda's rather irritated with him. "Willa, let him fend for himself."

He notices some huge seed pods and starts to work on one. She offers a knife, and he says he can't accept any kind of help. He's in too much of a hurry to explain, and Willa warns him about Pyrits down the river that attack everything. As he's going downriver, Nayda yells, "And the Gor-Rok-Rok." Lion-O hears her, but there's no time to learn what it is. Oh fun!

In the meantime, Cheety is running along and getting fired upon by the Skycutters. She dives underwater and gets chased by the Nosediver. Soon the Thundertank appears and fires on the Mutants. Panthro says they can't help her, but "those guys are not supposed to be in the game."

Slythe and the others take off to try the river. Meanwhile, Lion-O is getting fired upon by the Pyrits. They look like South American Indians and they're armed with blow darts. He turns the pod upside-down and rides underneath. Turns out that isn't the safest way to go: he is soon attacked by piranhas. In cartoon fashion, Lion-O repeatedly dodges a tightly-packed school of them that doesn't separate and swarm him like in real life. The fish stop pursuing and the Mutants fly over, but all there is to be seen is an upside-down pod floating down the river.

Why did the piranhas give up? Because there are rapids ahead that lead into a rather large whirlpool. As he's going in, a large reptilian hand grabs him. Now Lion-O is potential food for a brontosaurus-looking critter. He dodges a tongue and grabs onto it, making it release him. Another head emerges, and it turns out the Gor-Rok-Rok is a two-headed critter. He has too easy a time wrestling it, and it falls back into the whirlpool.

Lion-O gets a bit overconfident as he's looking for the next place to go when the Gor-Rok-Rok comes up behind him. He simply leaps off the cliff and escapes into the river below. Coming up, he says that took five miles off his trip, and he hopes it was enough. Five miles? Something tells me Cheety could run ten in the time it took him to get out of the flower.

And there she is running away. Looks like we're in the home stretch! Back at the lair, the others are looking at two dots on the monitor. Cheetara is ahead by a mile and a third, but Lion-O's catching up. Huh?

Lion-O's stopped at a ravine and has to jump across it, which he barely manages. he comes to what looks like a nasty creek with lots of skeletons around it. He finds a dinosaur bone and throws it across to use as a bridge. He's getting weaker from the toxic fumes as he's walking across, and nearly passes out when he gets to the other bank.

Lion-O and Cheetara meet. She says, "Why are you standing there? There's still five miles to go."

She says, "You know what that means … and you concede defeat?"

Lion-O says, "No, I haven't lost until you've won, Cheetara."

Cheetara gives a one-two-three-go count. Sounds like he's done to me, and Snarf thinks so too.

We learn something new from Tygra: her super-speed lasts for less than two miles. Panthro says, "if he loses his heart and courage, she'll win, but…"

Tygra adds, with much unintentional humor, "Lion-O's a big boy." and a fine figure of a Thundercat too, right? Heh heh. "I don't think he's a quitter."

Lion-O says, "It's no use, I've had it. There's no way I can catch her. I might as well give up."

Everyone's disappointed back at the lair. Lion-O says, "I may lose, but it won't be because I gave up. Two miles to go, so let's go for it!"

And they went and they went and theywentandtheywentandtheywent *smacks head on desk* Sorry, coffee beans.

Cheety says, "There must be a little extra reserve somewhere… but there isn't." Not only is she cute when she's serious, but also when she's exhausted. Heh heh.

Lion-O manages to barely pull in front of her and win the race (did you see this coming?)

He accuses her of throwing the race. She says, "How dare you say that to me? The Code of Thundera forbids it!" Damn, she looks good when she's mad too.

"Then how could I win? It's not possible to run five miles faster than you—no creature living can do it."

"No, but I can't maintain my top speed for much more than two miles. The distance we ran was too much for me."

"It was almost too much for me."

Cheety says, "But you didn't give up. You truly earned my insignia this day."

All together now: Awwwwwwww…

Back at Castle Plundarr, Monkian's talking about his source saying Lion-O fights the kittens tomorrow. Slythe says, "Your source said he'd fight Cheetara today, and all we've done is spend hours chasing her."

Slythe adds, "Are you sure your source is on our side?"

Mwahahahahahaaa! Mummy dude alert!

The great one is up and looking into his cauldron. "So, Lion-O faces the cunning Thunderkittens tomorrow, without his accursed sword. I shall have to get into this game myself. Unarmed, Lord Lion-O will be no match for the mighty Mumm-Ra!"

Oh yes!

Back at the lair, Lion-O says, "Do we have to continue with this?"

Tygra says, "Every Thundercat Lord must pass the anointment trials, Lion-O."

Panthro adds, "It's not just a ritual, Lion-O. You have to prove that you're worthy of that title."

"Competing with you is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I hate it!"

Snarf says, "Don't let yourself feel that way, Lion-O. You've still got a long way to go. WilyKit and WilyKat are out there waiting for you."

He gets a little speech from the others how strength and speed won't do any good against them, and they'll use every trick in the book and some that aren't to stop him. Lion-o says he'll never forget every one of them are his friends and everything he is he owes to them.

Well, that makes sense. If it wasn't for them, he never would have gotten off Thundera before it blew up, and let's not forget who always comes running when he's in trouble and lights up the sky with his sword in pretty much every episode. Heh heh.

This was a good episode, and it was good to see the Warrior Babes too. Heh heh. Now to review some of that running footage… heck, she looks fine no matter what she's doing. ~purrrrrrrr~

Third Day—The Trial of Cunning: Okay folks, time to torture some kittens. Thunderkittens, that is.

Once again we start with the Mutants. Hmm. Jackalman and Monkian are flying along in their Skycutters and discussing the anointment trials. This is practically the same conversation that Snarf and Lion-O had in the beginning. "He's already Lord of the Thundercats…"

The thing I find odd here is that Monkian has become an authority on the trials and is explaining it to Jackalman. For a character that was cast as being none too bright, he's suddenly become a source of intelligence about what is going on. Does this have something to do with his "girlfriend?" If the other Mutants get girlfriends, will they be able to defeat the Thundercats? Would they give up and settle down? Did the writers plan anything or was it just a couple of throwaway lines about Monkian's source? I tend to believe in the latter, although I like Leonard Starr's style. After all, he got Cheety to stretch for me, and I gotta respect that. Heh heh heh.

It's sunrise, and the kids have prepared by exploring the "Maze of Infinity" which seems to be a bunch of tunnels going through a hill. They say Lion-O will never beat them through the maze. So this is a race eh?

The Muties come in and land. They and the kittens see Lion-O crouched between some rocks by the maze entrance. Slythe refers to it by the name "Maze of Infinity" too, so it's not a name the cats gave to it. They attack only to find that Lion-O had left some rocks in a formation that resembles him to fool the kittens, but fooled the Mutants instead. It appears he got into the maze ahead of everyone, so he's got the opening advantage.

Slythe is upset and goes after Lion-O himself—flying his Nosediver into the maze. He's promptly turned back by Lion-O attacking him with "fire rock." Slythe comes back out and decides they will wait for him to emerge from the other end of the maze. Sounds easy enough.

The kids are spotted going into an air vent by Jackalman and Monkian. They call to Slythe and are circling the opening.

Meanwhile, Lion-O is walking along and the kids slide out of a shaft in front of him. Lion-O remarks they will start evenly despite their secret shortcut. "Any time you're ready." "We're always ready!" WilyKat throws down a smoke pellet and they're off. Lion-O goes through the smoke and sees four different passageways. It seems to me that he's at quite a disadvantage now since the kids had a couple days to explore every path.

He spots their shadows travelling down an underground river and chases them. It turns out to be a boat with cardboard cutouts with a torch. Up a bank there are three paths. WilyKat's in the left one and Kit's in the right one, each taunting him to follow. What does he do? Take the middle one of course. Sounds like an obvious trap to me, and sure enough it is. They talk about getting their traps set at the other end.

Meanwhile Monkian and Jackalman are still circling the vent outside. Would they be able to walk if they land? They opt to blast the vent so they can get their vehicles through.

Lion-O ends up sliding down a long tunnel with "diamond dust" that's getting in his eyes. At the lair, Panthro, Cheetara, and Snarf are tracking their progress, and they see a "vehicle of some kind" showing up on their display. They know the Mutants are present, and that Lion-O is travelling along a messed-up path. He's walking blind now and nearly falls off a ledge. Monkian sees him hanging from one hand, so it's party time! He fires a shot that blasts the rocks away and sends Lion-O falling Wiley Coyote-style down a ravine. So long, sucker! Lion-O somehow manages to break his fall of course, and clears his vision enough to see the Skycutter coming after him. Monkian doesn't see him hiding and figures he disintegrated in the blast. He goes in closer to make sure and Lion-O attacks from his hiding place—jumping on the Skycutter. He hangs onto Monkian making them plunge into the water at the bottom.

Monkian's Skycutter gives out, and after a few well-placed whacks gets it started again and escapes from the water. Now he starts shooting at Lion-O swimming in the water below and proves to be an awful shot. Lion-O escapes by getting washed away by the current into an underground passage, gets spit out from a blowhole, and finds himself hanging from a stalactite.

Back at the lair, the others observe Lion-O getting back to the right track, and that Kit and Kat are waiting for him with their traps. Of course! With all the time that's been wasted now, they could have finished the maze long ago.

Lion-O is running along and attracts the attention of a bunch of purple people that are living in the maze.

Kit and Kat are hanging from the ceiling and waiting for Lion-O. They throw down a couple of water-activated pellets that sprout dinosaurs. Well, one of them does. Kit is surprised he's attacking the balloon instead of being scared into taking a wrong path again, and I'm surprised the balloon is making noise and attacking Lion-O. I'll just call it "TV Magic" and move on.

Lion-O pops the first one, and dino #2 finally activates. The kids move on, and Lion-O has to fight the other one. He grabs it by the neck and gives it a judo throw, and it gets punctured on a rock and flies while he hangs onto it. Lion-o gets whacked against the cave ceiling and is officially unconscious, and the purple people come out. Is it dinner time?

"Do you see?" "Yes." "An Over-Earth man!"

Lion-O comes to and is rather surprised to see these people with huge eyes checking him out. They escort them to their library and try to force him to read to them. When asked why they can't read, they say their eyes can't bear the light, and it's people like Lion-O that forced them to go underground long ago.

Funny, I would have thought some sort of purple people eater was responsible for that. Heh heh.

Anyway, Lion-O braves their electric-eel-like power and escapes while Monkian attacks and starts burning their library by shooting at Lion-O. After a little chase through a cavern, Monkian crashes into a stalactite, and Lion-O gets away again. This is becoming more of a Mutant trial than a Thundercat one.

Back at the lair, Snarf and the other remark about Lion-O getting back on track, but the kids are in a side cave. Snarf says, "Another underhanded trick!"

Cheetara… *ahem* Sorry, Cheetara says, "They're only doing what they're supposed to, Snarf."

To which Snarf says, "But why do they have to do it so good?"

It turns out they haven't—they're lost! "We explored every inch of these caves!" I think if they really did, they would have been deep in purple people story-time by now.

You know, I just realized something. The map of the Maze of Infinity shows the central part is patterned after the Thundercat insignia! Talk about artistic liberties.

WilyKat barely misses becoming snake food, and the two of them are running from a giant serpent. They try to hide around a stalagmite, but Kat falls off and lands right in front of the oncoming snake. Whoops! One of the dino pellets falls out of his pocket and comes up, scaring the snake into a ravine which leads to a river of lava, and snake death apparently. WilyKat is riding on the fake dino when it gets punctured and creates another flying cat scene.

WilyKat can't let go so WilyKit grabs his leg. They both end up falling into the ravine and are hanging onto small outcrops of rock.

Lion-O spots the tree at the end of the tunnel which marks the finish line. He's about to go for it when he hears the kittens yelling for help. He figures it's another trick but stops to consider if they're in real danger. Going back, he sees they are.

Lion-O lowers himself so Kat can grab his ankle, but in the process gets into trouble himself. Whoops! He loses his grip, but a purple hand grabs him just in time.

It looks like the purple people are greatful and decided to help out. They extract kitten #1 (Lion-O) and get WilyKat too. Lion-O prevents the underworlders from helping again since they might damage their eyes for good and uses Kat's lariat to get the other kitten.

After a short introduction: "Friends of mine, I guess." Kat says, "You stopped to make friends" and Kit adds, "And risked failing your anointment trial?"

Lion-O says, "I didn't plan it that way, but it turns out you can't have too many friends." As he's talking, he ties the lariat between the kids' belts.

Kat asks if he got to the tree, and Lion-O says, "Almost…"

So they run for the tree and get properly snagged when the middle of the rope gets caught on a rock. Lion-O reaches the tree and it's game over.

WilyKat says only two more trials to go, and I'm having trouble with that. There's no one left after Tygra so… no, it couldn't be the Snarf trial could it? Hmm. Maybe he has to take them all on at once—Lion-Ho Beatdown!!! Hey, I'd pay to see that.

Back at the lair, concern is in the air because there was no signal from the sword. Panthro says something interesting: "…that Lion-O failed the WilyKats' trial?" Could this be the way they refer to them in plural?

I think the problem is that Lion-O took off running and didn't hang around to collect the insignias. Losing the lordship on a technicality wouldn't be good, yessss?

Ahh, it seems Lion-O didn't forget after all. He gets the insignias, the sword blinks, and all are happy. Weeeeeeee!

"Lion-O did it!"

Snarf says, "I knew it all along. Look out, Tygra!"

Sure you did, Snarf, sure you did.

Fourth Day—The Trial of Mind Power: ~Poof the Magic Tiger lived by the sea~

Okay, here we go! Trial number four, entitled "The Trial of Mind Power" or "Can you see me?"

We start off yet again with the Mutants, and they provide the narrative for anyone that missed the first three episodes of this.

Monkian says, "We must stop at nothing to keep Lion-O from being officially anointed Lord of the Thundercats."

Jackalman adds, "Yes, if we cause Lion-O to fail, the Thundercats will be leaderless."

Slythe concludes with, "And Third Earth will be ours to rule as we please. First light, and Tygra's trial begins at dawn." His Skycutter blows a gasket, and he tells the others not to wait for him and attack in their Nosedivers. The curious thing here is that I thought there was only one Nosediver, sort of like Darth Vader's customized Tie Fighter. Well, now there are two of them, and Slythe is using a Skycutter for a change, if he can get it to work. Monkian and Jackalman approach and Tygra's standing in the snow out in the open. Looks like easy pickings, because even invisible, footprints show up in snow, yesssss?

Personally, I don't think Lion-O failing would prevent them from keeping Slythe and company from ruling the planet. They barely have control over their own castle, but we all know they're meant to serve Mumm-Ra of course. Heh heh.

Tygra says something interesting: "Mutants! Mustn't let them interfere. I should conserve all my mind power energy for Lion-O's trial, but…"

Mind power? Are we going to have some Scanner action here? Will Tygra make Monkian's head explode? Will my head explode before this episode is over? The way things are going, it's possible.

The folks back home watch Tygra create an illusion of an ice bridge which Monkian and Jackalman try to take, but they end up plunging into the snow at the bottom of the ravine. Hmmm.

Puzzled by the way the Mutants drove off the edge like that, Panthro explains to the others: "Tygra had something to do with that if I'm not mistaken—one of his illusions."

WilyKat asks, "Why hasn't he ever used these illusions before?"

Panthro explains, "Using his mind power's a terrible strain on Tygra. He's been storing up all his mental energy for today's anointment trial."

Interesting indeed. It seems Tygra is more powerful than I thought. Well, maybe. Let's see if he can do something more impressive than whipping up an ice bridge.

Now we see Lion-O sitting in a lotus position in a small ice cave. He's thinking, "Daybreak. Well, if my mind isn't prepared for Tygra's mind power now, it's too late to do anything about it."

Here's another change: for once Lion-O has a clue about what he's going to face.

"The Desert of Sinking Sands lies on the other side of those mountains. I must get there by sundown and Tygra will somehow be trying to stop me all along the way."

Desert of Sinking Sands? That's Mister Mumm-Ra's Neighborhood! Judging by his brief appearance in the "speed" episode, this should be interesting. ~Won't you be my neighbor, heh heh heh heh heh~

Okay, here we go. "Ho Lion-O!"

"Ho Tygra!"

And it isn't even Christmas yet!

After a little exposition, Tygra asks if he prepared himself. Lion-O says, "That's what we're here to find out."

Tygra says, "I am allowed to tell you this: before this day is over, Lion-O, you will face your greatest fear."

Lion-O replies with, "But I fear nothing, that I know of."

"We shall see. Let the trial begin. Look!" Lion-O looks around and Tygra vanishes, but not in his usual way: he was just an illusion.

Lion-O's greatest fear… shall I have a crack at this? Mumm-Ra has to rank in there somewhere. If he were to appear and Lion-O thinks he's an illusion, oh the fun!

What else? Being strangled by his own hair? Being Slythe's dinner? Being trapped in a paper bag like a Snarf? Being Snarf? Now that's really frightening! (I must thank Mummraa for her wicked "Hair" story!)

Lion-O's walking along and the weird happenings theme music is playing. "Did Tygra forget that his footsteps are visible in the snow?" Certainly not, because they suddenly end.

Back at the lair, Panthro says, "No way Lion-O will ever match Tygra in mind power. The Tygra Clan of Thundercats have a special gift for it."

WilyKat says, "Well then how can Lion-O possibly win today's trial?"

"By being able to resist the illusions created by Tygra's mind."

Lion-O concentrates and is able to see the footprints again. Tygra is standing on the top of a hill and says, "Your trial has just begun."

I certainly hope so.

The trial is temporarily put on hold by Slythe attacking. Time for another illusion, yessss? Tygra whips up an impressive blizzard, making Slythe crash and the other two retreat. Lion-O says it's cold then says he can't let himself feel it. He thinks, "It's not cold… it's not cold… there's no place like home… there's no place like home…"

"It's freezing is what it is! There is no blizzard… it doesn't exist… there is no spoon!" Lion-O realizes it's getting worse, and Tygra standing on the edge of a glacier says, "Make him see what is not there!" I couldn't have come up with a worse line if I tried. Pressure in head increasing…

We briefly see a nice sunny day and Lion-O fighting against an imagined blizzard. Okay, I wouldn't mind having this power. *thinks of ways to get chicks with it* Tygra clearly doesn't have his priorities straight. Was that a pun? It could be…

Now the boy who would be lion king is punching at giant snowflakes. It would seem he lost his train of non-thought. Speaking of non-thought, Lion-O comes up with this gem: "Snowflakes can't be that big. It's Tygra's doing—he's making me see what is not there."

Ugh. If you look up redundant, does it say "see redundant?"

"There are no giant snowflakes. The blizzard is not… is not… is n…" the storm disappears. Tygra says, "So much for the warmup. Now for the game!"

The Mutants recover and Monkian asks, "What sort of freak storm was that, Slythe?"

Slythe says, "Forget it! Back after them!" I give them credit for persistence.

Lion-O gets fired upon once again and barely manages to avoid getting skewered by two falling icicles. At least we know this is real, eh?

Slythe comes back around and fires. Lion-O just stands there as two rows of shots go by him on either side. Slythe clearly needs to offset his aim a little bit but I digress. The Skycutter loosens a few more icicles, and Lion-O ends up on his back while a rather large icicle misses his head by two feet. Almost had him that time.

Slythe comes around for another pass, and Lion-O picks up one of the icicles. He waits a bit then hurls it into the front of his Skycutter. Slythe is able to fly and orders the others to attack.

Lion-O flees from the two nosedivers by breaking a couple smaller (relatively speaking) icicles and uses them for skis. Head is starting to hurt now…

As he's skiing, he takes off his belt. Curiously, there are only four insignias on it (one on the left and two on the right of his own) when there should be five. Perhaps the kids' were combined? He uses his belt to hang onto an outcropping of ice, and the two Mutants hit it and end up getting dunked in a river below. Lion-O spots some ice floes and figures it's a good time to use his Frogger skills.

Oh my, bubbling Monkian whooo whooo'ing underwater. Head hurting more now…

Once again, the Mutants are attacking. Lion-O runs off into an ice cave. I have to mention at this point that while Slythe looks funny when he's driving his Nosediver, these two look absolutely silly. The ice cave has some skeletons strewn about and a shadow looming off to the side. Looks like a giant cat, whooooo! Lion-O tries to escape down a tunnel, but the cat snatches his belt away with its paw. In a weird twist of animation, the belt is now showing the proper four extra insignias: one on the left and three on the right. Lion-O is clearly lacking in fashion sense.

The Mutants fly in and see the giant white cat with the belt in his mouth. Jackalman says something rather amusing: "Look! Lion-O's belt! The beast has devoured him!" Next thing you know, Snowmeow (or one of his relatives) gives poochie and monkey the Kitty Smackdown with some horribly done animation that borders on Monty Python card-imation. They get chased outside and kitty gets the best of them.

Back to the trial (since so much time was wasted on Mutant activity): Lion-O is walking along with the map in waist-deep snow. He realizes his belt is gone and has to go back for it.

Meanwhile, we're going to waste even more time on the Mutants. Jackalman and Monkian are trying to convince Slythe that Lion-O was devoured. Slythe refuses to be convinced because he knows better. Apparently the two fuzzy ones aren't taking the lack of blood into account, yessss?

Tygra is watching from a ridge and says, "Lion-O is turning back. Is he giving up? No, I'll never believe that." Certainly, since all he's been doing for the last five minutes is fighting Mutants, and that is a good chunk of time when it comes to episodic cartoon shows.

Slythe moves in again, and Tygra takes a turn at him by creating an illusion of the Thundercat signal. Slythe scrapes the ground, narrowly missing Lion-O, but manages to cause the ledge he's walking on to give way. He ends up hanging from an outcropping on a cliff face (sort of a recurring theme lately.) Tygra messes with Slythe and distracts him with illusions of himself and the cat signal until he hits his Skycutter on the top of a hill and flies off with smoke trailing.

Tygra says, "No, I'm forgetting. It's forbidden to help Lion-O during the trials" and walks off.

Lion-O gets help from "The Cave Beast" lowering his belt to where he can reach it. Now back on top, he realizes the beast is Snowmeow after all. Okay, nice that we have that cleared up now.

Lion-O sees another pass that leads to the desert, but Tygra is nearby and generating yellow waves from his head. Something is up here.

Lion-O mentions that if he reaches the ruins before Tygra does, he'll pass the trial. This is defying logic for me, but I won't dwell on it.

Lion-O notes that what he's seeing isn't on the map and is able to ignore it. Tygra says, "That was too easy for Lion-O, but this one won't be."

Suddenly day turns into night and Lion-O makes this brilliant observation: "Night! No, day can't turn to night that quickly." Now the real fun starts. The reason for the Monty Python-esqe animation earlier now comes to light: this is where the animation budget went! Lion-O fights a quick blizzard, gets consumed by stars and a void, flies through aurora borealis, finds himself flying in space and rounding Jupiter and Saturn (and perhaps establishing the fact that this is the familiar solar system we all know.)

Next thing you know, he's flying to Thundera and falling through the atmosphere. We see the ship from Exodus and we see nude Cheety! The rest of them are there as well. I take it this is where the worst fear part is? Lion-O realizes Jaga is the reason they made it off the planet, but I hardly expected that to be a surprise.

Lion-O reveals that this is his nightmare that's waken him in terror over the years, and he hid his fear then as he does now. So… his greatest fear is that he'll be afraid again. Didn't Winston Churchill have something to say about that?

Now Lion-O goes on the offensive, which is good because there is almost no time left now. "…but I fear it no more, do you hear me, Tygra? My nightmare is over!" He breaks through the illusion and goes at Tygra in a mercy match. He throws him to the ground, ending the illusion of darkness and gets him in a hammerlock. Before you can say "Holy homoerotic tension, Batman!" Tygra says, "Enough, Lion-O. You've won." He does a lap between there and the desert during the commercial, and we come back to the ending.

Tygra's new power is a nice thing to have, but I have to wonder—was he saving it up for most of his life? Certainly he could have used it to get out of danger, especially in the Fireballs of Castle Plundarr episode that happened not too long ago.

"Now that I've survived the trials of all the Thundercats, I wonder why they were so important."

Tygra says, "It is our tradition … it gives our lives form—tells us who we are, and what we must do." Ah, sort of like the Xingu Indians in South America hitting a hornet nest and bearing the stings to prove they're men. It would have been fun to see Lion-O do that.

After a few more touching moments with Tygra, we're back at the lair with the sword glowing after collecting the last insignia. Looks like Snarf was unaware of the final trial, and it looks like it's not going to involve him and a paper bag after all. Heh heh heh heh heh.

What is it? Panthro clues us in: "He must challenge and defeat his deadliest enemy."

WilyKat says, "But that would be…" his eyes go wide, "Mumm-Ra!"

As Snarf is stuttering out the name of everyone's favorite mummy-dude, the scene shifts to the cauldron. Oh yes! He's watching and says, "So, Lion-O must seek out and destroy Mumm-Ra. Thus, do the anointment trials end… with the end, of Lion-O! Heh heh heh." He fires off a bolt of red lightning which obliterates the image of the lion-boy, and we have a quick ending.

Oh yeah, this is getting good! Suddenly my head feels better again.

Final Day—The Trial of Evil: Ladies and gentleman, humans and furry folks, living and undead ones, this is the main event!

In the blue corner, with ancestry reaching back over seven thousand years into the darkest corners of the Egyptian Third Dynasty, King Djoser, with ties to the great healer and long-worshipped Imhotep, and one-time ruler of half of the planet. Schooled in the dark arts of sorcery, necromancy, transformation, and general ass kicking, here is the ever-living source of evil on Third Earth: Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!

And in the red corner, hailing from nowhere in particular since his planet exploded, and the leader of a ragtag bunch of survivors that no one is aware of, here to prove tonight that he has what it takes to command the other six cats and creature that he lives with. Schooled in the arts of strength, speed, cunning, and the ability to resist an illusion, here is the lion-boy hoping to be a real man today: Lion-O!

There are no rules, winner takes all, and lion-boy can't use his sword. Let the fun begin!

We start in the sword chamber with the Sword of Omens® getting worked up on its own. Panthro says, "We can't blame it for getting agitated. Lion-O's final trial is the toughest of all. He has to face his most deadly enemy."

WilyKit comes around the corner and says, "Mumm-Ra!"

Snarf does a slow-motion turn with a terrified expression and whine. He'd probably soil his drawers if he had any. Heh heh.

Cheetara injects a positive note: "Why the voices of doom? He survived Panthro's trial of strength." The rest of the gang take us on a tour of the other trials in case anyone like myself slept through them.

After the period of exposition, WilyKit says, "Even so, Mumm-Ra…" This is punctuated by the sword's eye opening wider than normal.

Panthro asks, "Has any Lord of the Thundercats ever faced a power as evil as Mumm-Ra without the Eye of Thundera to protect him?"

Tygra answers, "Not that I know of."

Cue the music of the great mummified one!

"So, Lion-O has to destroy me, the ever-living lord of evil. It will indeed be his final trial. By the end of the day, Lion-O will be no more! Eyahahahahaaa!"

Mumm-Ra appears in from of his lackeys in full nine-foot ass-kicking mode and shouts, "Mutants!"

Slythe stutters a little and asks what he wants.

"The upstart Lion-O plans to attack me. You must intercept and destroy him. He will be without the sword."

Jackalman yawns and says, "Can't it wait 'till morning?"

"No! It cannot! He is already on his way."

Predictably, Monkian taunts him with "What about your own invincible powers, your ever-living lordship?"

Time to make the monkey dance?

Slythe chimes in. "Surely you can crush him yourself with one flick of your mighty hand."

That's seriously pushing it.

Mumm-Ra glows a bright red and says, "You mock me, miserable Mutants!" he proceeds to destroy the table they're sitting behind and knocks them on their asses *without* a flick of his hand. He shouts, "Do as I command!" and points towards the door.

The three Mutants are reduced to quivering lumps and Slythe says, "Yes, oh great one." Jackalman says, "We're going, Mumm-Ra." and Monkian adds, "We will obey, hoo hoo." See how much smoother things run when you know your place? Heh heh heh.

Meanwhile, Lion-O is running by some Egyptian-looking ruins on his way to the Black Pyramid on the horizon. One thing I'm confused about at this point: it's night. All the trials up to now have started in the morning. Given the location of the last trial, it seems to me that he ran to the desert to finish the last one, ran back to Tygra, and is now running headlong to face Mumm-Ra without a bit of rest. Common sense would suggest that he take a day or two off and attack in the morning, not that it would give him that much of an advantage. Heh heh.

Now we have another appearance by a mole-man. Lion-O runs into him, apologizes, and the typical response is the mole-man running away. Next, we get to see Jaga again, and he observes Lion-O's nerves are on edge. Gee, ya think? He advises him to rest before confronting the mummy-dude, which is pretty much what I thought of earlier.

Lion-O in a moment of brilliance says, "Creatures of darkness are best fought at night, Jaga." Umm, I take it he hasn't seen any vampire movies.

Jaga inquires with a voice that says he's not really asking, but demonstrating to Lion-O that he has no clue about what he's doing. "Then have you found a way to get into the Black Pyramid?"

Lion-O demonstrates that he indeed has absolutely no clue: "I'll see what I must do when I get there."

Jaga sensing his lesson is falling on deaf ears says, "Do you think that's wise?"

"You've always been my guide and teacher Jaga, and my friend. But this time, I must find my own way."

Jaga bows slightly and says, "Very well" and starts to vanish. Lion-O does his "wait!" routine as if he's never going to see him again (which we all know would be too good to be true.) Jaga says, "Why? You have made your decision, Lion-O. You don't need my advice." and vanishes. Hey, maybe he won't come back after all? Yeah, and Lion-O will be able to complete a mission without having to use the sword and call on the others for help too.

Okay, here come the Mutants. They're back to their original formation of Monkian and Jackalman on Skycutters and Slythe in a Nosediver. After the last outing, Slythe has probably had it with malfunctioning Skycutters, and the others would rather be able to fly across a canyon so imaginary ice bridges won't be a factor.

Lion-O is walking along and an explosive shot strikes right next to his foot. Their aim is improving. Now, it's Mutant guns on kitty-cat time! Lion-O apparently gets hit by falling rubble from their shots, and they figure he's done.

Naturally, he isn't. Lion-O fell through to a chamber below, and starts to examine hieroglyphs on the walls. "Must be some kind of language." More moments of brilliance.

He starts to walk down a passageway and a puma of some kind with glowing eyes gets up behind him. He finds himself in a room with a rather large treasure and says, "Treasure!" He immediately hears a voice behind him. "Tomb robber! Thief!" Lion-O is dodging the cat's attacks, and the cat gives up because he's too weak. He's known as Maftet, the Lynx God. He goes on to say that Lion-O could have been a Lion God, but then he'd have the same problem: without someone to worship him, he would be weak. Well, living forever wouldn't be a bad benefit.

Lion-O spots a door with the double cobra sign over it. He asks where it leads, and sure enough, it leads to "the horrible creatures of the ancient devil priest Mumm-Ra." Maffy gets rather upset when Lion-O says that's where he has to go.

First up, a ferryman. Lion-O demands that he take him to Mumm-Ra, but the ferryman says he can't because he's "not yet of this world." Lion-O says he'll pay his price, and the price is "your destruction!." The ferryman is revealed as an empty robe with brownish clawed hands. He puts a hand on Lion-O's shoulder and paralyzes him. As his strength is draining away, he manages to rock the boat and knock the ferryman in the water, where he dissolves in Wicked Witch of the West fashion. Lion-O then climbs back in and takes over.

Back at the pyramid: "So, the cub is navigating the River of Doom." He calls out to him. "You dare seek me unarmed?"

"Yes, Mumm-Ra. I'll fight you face-to-face."

"You have a long way to go, Lion-O, and you'll face me in many ways!"

Oh yes, it's transformation time! Mumm-Ra goes into nine-foot ass-kicking mode. Lion-O is engulfed in dark mist with arms and hands at the leading edge, and it's suffocating him. Lion-O puts his back into it and manages to get through the mist. Next, the ceiling is alive and starts coming down on him. He manages to push his way through which upsets the undead one.

Next, he summons "incubi" to come from their cocoons. One appears and looks like a Caddisfly larva from hell. Long arms and hands wrap around Lion-boy, but unfortunately it gets dislodged from the cocoon, falls into the water, and is finished like the ferryman. What is it about this setup?

Mumm-Ra causes the water to be agitated by projecting red lightning into the cauldron. "A little seasick, cub? Eh? Haa ha haa!"

Lion-O fights the rapids and Mumm-Ra says, "The cub is surviving a test of water, but let's see how he withstands a trial by fire!" Ahh, he sends forth our old friend The Inflamor. He flies at Lion-O who dutifully dodges. Why do I see him ending up in the water like the others?

The staff Lion-O was using to pilot the boat ignites in his hands to good effect. He drops it in the water. Inflamor makes another run and Lion-O leaps in his face. Not what I would call a smart move, but it works. Before he becomes a kitty shish-kebob, the Inflamor goes (yep) into the water, goes to his weak form, and disintegrates.

Now Lion-O is being pulled by a strong current and has no boat. Underwater, he finds a pair of chains with iron rings leading upward and starts climbing while fighting the current. Mumm-Ra observes. "He has defeated all my devil forms and soon he will penetrate my home, my fortress, the Black Pyramid itself. That is the moment he will face my full fury!"

Lion-O comes up through a grate, sees a doorway, and finds himself in the heart of the pyramid. *cues the theme from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly*

It's showdown time!

Lion-O gets a rather nasty blast at his feet from the undead one. He's standing on a ledge by the cauldron and says, "You've come a long way to meet your doom, Lion-O!"

"It's not over yet!"

Mumm-Ra fires a bright bluish blast which Lion-O somersaults backwards to get away from. When the light subsides, he's met with Mumm-Ra in his face and grabbing his shirt with one hand like the little punk he is. Mumm-Ra hauls him over his head and throws him across the room. Whooooooooooo!

Lion-O lands hard and looks up in time to see Mumm-Ra standing above, ready to blast him. Lion-O barely manages to jump out of the way but there was enough behind that blast to make him hit against the base of one of the statues upside down!

Can you tell I'm enjoying this? Heh heh heh heh.

Mumm-Ra takes another shot that Lion-O does a better job of avoiding, but it takes out the statue. The head of the statue lands and rolls, and defying some logic, Lion-O picks it up over his head. We're talking about a hunk of rock at least twelve feet in diameter. He gingerly tosses it at Mumm-Ra, who just stands there and smiles. Before the rock hits, it stops in midair. Lion-O gives a shocked expression and Mumm-Ra casually moves his arm and the rock is propelled towards the stunned cat.

Lion-O manages to avoid the thrown statue head and Mumm-Ra fires more red lightning in his direction. The lightning takes out a piller which falls and almost squashes the kneeling cat. In fact, his proximity to the wall is what keeps the pillar from landing on him. So close that time…

Mumm-Ra lifts the piller by force of will, Lion-O runs towards Mumm-Ra's resting place, and Mumm-Ra throws the pillar at him. Unfortunately, this was a big mistake. Lion-O hides behind the sarcophagus and the piller shatters against it. Cracks form in the sarcophagus and Lion-O realizes Mumm-Ra has a weakness other than mirrors. Yes, I would have been really upset if he used the mirror tactic to beat him. But like the brilliant step of not resting first and attacking at dawn, he also forgot to bring a mirror.

Lion-O deduces, "The sarcophagus! That is the secret of your power! This is what renews your energy!" Mumm-Ra is on the other side of the cauldron holding his head in pain. Oh, this doesn't look good.

Lion-O picks it up over his head. "Without this casket, you will be powerless!" The three remaining statues' eyes light up and Mumm-Ra's crawling across the floor saying, "No!" Ugh, I can't watch much more of this.

Lion-O says, "Yes, Mumm-Ra. Farewell!" He tosses the sarcophagus into the cauldron. This causes a major release of energy and white streamers leave the pyramid. Mumm-Ra reverts to his bandaged form and disintegrates on the floor of his pyramid. Truly, truly sad.

Outside, Jaga appears again. "You won on your own without help from anyone."

Lion-O apologizes for not asking for his advice earlier. "But if I am to be the true Lord of the Thundercats, I have to make my own decisions."

After some more moral tossing, Lion-O asks if this means he'll never see him again. Jaga says, "No, Lion-O. I'll always be here, when you need me." Yeah, like next week when he'll appear to tell Lion-O to "use the force!" er, I mean "Use the sword, Luke!" Heh heh.

Lion-O takes one last look at the pyramid and we move on to a coronation ceremony in front of Cat's Lair which resembles the end of Star Wars in more ways than one. There's a crowd which includes various Warrior Maidens (always the first to catch my eye, heh heh,) the Unicorn Keepers, Mandora, Quick Pick, Doctor Dometone, Snarf and Snarfer (ugh,) The newlyweds and a few more Wollos, assorted Bolkins, Hachiman and Ninja (apparently they're buddies now?) The Tabbot trader with Safari Joe's robot train buddy Mule, Snowmeow, Mole-Men, and even a group of five Brutemen.

WilyKit presents Lion-O with the sword and shield, Cheetara crowns him, the sword lights up, and everyone says, "Hail Lion-O, truly the Lord of the Thundercats! Thundercats, ho!"

And now for something I haven't had the pleasure of hearing in some time (it was too good to last,) the music cue that signals it's time to activate the sword and cat signal. The celebration ends with a faraway shot of the lair and crowd with the big signal hanging over them.

Ah, but now we're back at the Black Pyramid. In the cauldron, the sarcophagus appears and the water bubbles. Evil laughter can be heard. The one statue head on the ground's eye lights up, followed by the three remaining statues. A sphere of bright light emanates from the cauldron, and we hear these soothing words: "Where evil exists, Mumm-Ra lives. Mumm-Ra lives! MUMM-RA LIVES!"

And we go directly to the ending credits. Oh yeah!

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