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Treasures of Thundera Mailing List Here they are: my new Thundercats adventures. Many thanks to all the good people of the Treasures of Thundera Mailing List: without them, I wouldn't have been inspired to write these stories!

These stories are fan-fiction, and are not intended to infringe on the rights of others in any way. The Thundercats characters are copyrighted by Lorimar Telepictures, Rankin-Bass Productions, Turner Broadcasting, or whoever owns the current rights. I post this freely, and make no profit other than the satisfaction that my fellow fans and I get from these stories. Enjoy!

Thunder Twins

This is my epic trilogy: Set in the future, the twins begin their adult lives.
Written over five years from 12/10/98 to 12/12/03!
Triple award winner!

Best Thundercats Fanfic (II)

Best New Villain (II)
1999 (Seph-Ra)

Best New Good Guy (II)
1999 (ThunderManx)

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There will be an ODF in the future hopefully. (Open Document Format)

Book One: Return of the Mutants

Chapter 1: Night and Day

Chapter 2: Plans

Chapter 3: Conquest

Chapter 4: Showdown

Chapter 5: Into the Fire

Chapter 6: Home

Interlude: I

Book Two: Ancient Spirits of Evil

Chapter 1: The Recruit

Chapter 2: …and Darkness Fell

Chapter 3: Rage

Chapter 4: Paranoia

Chapter 5: Rumors and Scandals

Chapter 6: The Quest Begins

Chapter 7: Bad Magic

Chapter 8: Ancient Truths

Chapter 9: Spiritual journey

Chapter 10: Final Stand

Chapter 11: Ties that Bind

Chapter 12: Sinking Sands

Interlude: II

Book Three: Eye of the Serpent

Chapter 1: Differences

Chapter 2: The Wait

Chapter 3: The Hurt

Chapter 4: Falling Stars

Chapter 5: Retribution

Chapter 6: Heroes of the Past

Chapter 7: Forgiven Deeds

Chapter 8: Invasion Force

Chapter 9: Gods of Old

Chapter 10: Circle of Life


Thanks and Acknowledgements


Total comedy.
Thundercats and catnip: a dangerous combination!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Another round of comedy written by JetKitten and myself.
(Rated PG for a couple of "naughty words.")
Before Ma-Mutt, the great mummy-dude had a cat, and she's baaaaack!

Best Crossover (I) and
Weirdest Pairing (I)
Love Interest
In my very first weird story,
Snarf gets some unwanted attention.
(This one is on the borderline of an R-rating)

Mumm-Ra tries a new angle in this weirder-than-usual story:
The name says it all. Mwahahahahahaaa!

Captain Cracker's Upgrade
This is a weird concept—better than Snarf-Ra!

Waking Dream
A short story about dreams, nightmares, and reality.

Weird Lists
Just some weird stuff I came up with during a bad
case of writer's block. Heh heh.

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