The Gift that Keeps on Giving~~~~
(Written by JetKitten and The Mad Bassist)

Steal my Sunshine by Len

Sequenced by Stellar Ice

We don't own the Thundercats... or do action figures count? Well... we're making no money from this story, we just wrote it because it's fun. Hopefully, a few of you are LYAO along with us. Enjoy!

  Mumm-Ra was in the middle of a nightmare. It was a time over five hundred years in his past... when he ruled the better part of Third Earth. It was a time before Ma-Mutt was in his service. It was the same nightmare he had before... when his last animal companion got inside his sarcophagus with him and nearly clawed him to death in panic trying to get out.

  For some reason, the nightmare was much more vivid now. Mumm-Ra could smell the stench of its urine... could almost taste it! Mumm-Ra suddenly woke up with a jolt, and realized that he could still smell it. He slowly shook his head in disbelief... his last companion was long dead.

  Mumm-Ra gasped as he heard a familiar howl that sent Ma-Mutt running out of the pyramid. "No... not you!"

  Mumm-Ra sighed and silently cursed the Ancient Spirits of Evil. He figured they were having a laugh at his expense again, and well as teaching him yet another lesson in humility. Mumm-Ra willed his sarcophagus to open and looked down at a small white cat with large innocent-looking black eyes.

  Mumm-Ra stepped out of his sarcophagus and glanced up at his masters... searching for a sign that they were behind this. When he saw no glow in their eyes, he sighed and looked back down at the cat-- only to see that she was gone.

  "Isis... where are you... you infernal..." Mumm-Ra was hoping he had a waking nightmare, but came back to reality as he felt her batting at his wrappings from behind. "Aaaah! Damn you!" His hands glowed red as he prepared to fire, but suddenly stopped as his eyes fixed on hers.

  Isis gave a sweet sounding "Mew" and continued to stare into Mumm-Ra's eyes... freezing him.

  Mumm-Ra said "Nice kitty..." in an almost robotic voice. Isis started batting at his wrappings again and threw all of her weight against his leg as she rubbed against him. Unfortunately, the combination of Mumm-Ra's trance as well as his light frame in its reduced state conspired to send him sideways into the stone floor.

  Mumm-Ra screamed against the floor, loosing a puff of dust from the cracks. Mumm-Ra got up and prepared to fire at her again, but stopped this time with a wicked thought. "Come here, my cute yet nasty little kitty... heh heh heh heh."

  Mumm-Ra caught Isis in his arms as she leaped up. "Just like old times, yes? Hmm... unlike Ma-mutt..." he looked around to see if his pooch had returned, but the rest of the pyramid was still. "Cowardly beast... never mind. Unlike him, you can't be commanded, but you can be useful... oh, yes."

  Mumm-Ra smiled as Isis purred and fell asleep in his arms. "Oh, yes... you'll be perfect! Let's see..." Mumm-Ra started pacing around his cauldron. "As much as I'd like to loose you on those wretched Thundercats, I owe Luna for the time she surprised me in my sarcophagus." He shuddered at that memory.

  "Oh yes, my pretty... you're going to Skytomb. Eyahahahahahahaaaaa!" Isis suddenly woke at the sound of his maniacal laughter and scrambled to get free of his arms, scratching repeatedly as she tried to gain traction in her panic. Mumm-Ra howled in pain and cursed at the top of his lungs as Isis disappeared into his sarcophagus. "You little bitch! You had better not..." too late. Mumm-Ra knew her too well. The stench of cat urine hit him as he reached down and extracted her from his resting-place. "Damn you!"

  Mumm-Ra held the squirming cat, whose eyes were flashing red now. He averted his eyes before she could get control of him again. "Uh uh... not this time, you wretched cat! Now... where shall we put you?" Mumm-Ra gazed into his cauldron and looked into the different rooms in Skytomb while holding Isis at arm's length over the water.

  "Now... who would take you in? Chilla perhaps? Nah... that bitch is colder than you... pun not intended, heh heh. Alluro perhaps? He has a weak spot for animals..."

  Isis looked down into the cauldron and spotted the object of her cruel desires. She sent a thought to Mumm-Ra...

  "Amok! Yes! It's perfect! Heheheheheh... Luna's going to curse the day she ran her hand... eh... never mind. Just go, you nasty, belligerent creature... and do your worst!"

  Mumm-Ra dropped Isis in the cauldron, instantly transporting her into Amok's bedroom. He leaned over his cauldron and laughed harder than he had in years. "Oh, this is going to be one hell of a show... Mwahahahahahahhaaaaaaa!"

  Isis dropped from the middle of Amok's room and landed softly on his bed. She spotted a large rat scampering across the floor and immediately attacked it. After a half-hour of batting at it to make sure it was completely dead, she started gnawing its skull apart and feeding on its brains.

  Amok entered just in time to see her cleaning the bottom of the rat's skull out with her rough tongue.

  "Kitty kill Amok pet rat!"

  Before Amok could take one step, she fixed him with her big innocent eyes. "Umm... Amok think kitty more pretty than rat..."

  Isis purred and rubbed against his leg, making him completely forget his pet rat. "Amok like kitty..."

  Isis leapt into the pile of dirty clothes next to Amok and Luna's beds and started frollicking around... attacking them and "disemboweling" them with her feet... making Amok jump up and down and laugh. "Amok like kitty! Amok like kitty!"

  Luna burst into the room and yelled at Amok. "What in the five moons is wrong with you?" She looked towards the spot where Amok's eyes were locked. "Aaaaa! What's that filthy thing doing in my good underwear?"

  Isis looked up at the new voice, then started panicking. Her head was stuck in one of the elastic leg-openings in Luna's underwear.

  "Amok think kitty funny!" Amok started clapping his hands until Luna hit him with her crop.

  "Amok! Dispose of that nasty creature now!"

  Isis howled with displeasure as she tried unsucessfully to back out of the underwear. She started running around the room at full speed, howling all the way until she jumped on Luna's head and dug her claws into her skull in panic.

  Luna screamed loud enough to make even Tug-Mug cringe all the way in the engine room. "GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!"

  "Amok get kitty!"

  Isis emitted a loud "RAAAAAOOOOOOOW" as Amok tried to pull her off of Luna, but instead ended up picking Luna off the floor by her scalp.

  Luna screamed again, making Amok shrink into a corner with his hands over his ears.


  Amok stood up again and said, "Amok get kitty!"

  Luna screamed again as she saw Amok's hands going for her head. "NOOOOOO!" She tried to turn around and run into the control room, but Isis managed to free herself from the underwear, leaving it stuck halfway across Luna's eyes. Luna pulled off the underwear just in time to see Amok charging at her with his eyes focused over her and into the control room, shouting "Amok get kitty!"

  Before she could say "Amok! No!" he ran her down, face first into the floor.

  Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra was completely laughing his ass off and pounding his fist on the edge of the cauldron. "Eyaaahaa haha eyahahahahahahaaaaaaaaOWW!" Mumm-ra rubbed the edge of his hand in pain, but didn't stop laughing.

  Alluro and Chilla were repairing an open control panel, but had stopped to enjoy the chaos that was happening. Isis stopped and looked up at Chilla with Alluro standing behind her. She leaped onto the control panel. Sparks were dancing between her paws, but they weren't hurting her at all.

  Alluro said, "What the hell?"

  Chilla growled and said, "Never mind... just get it!" Chilla tried to swat at Isis, but she jumped out of the way. Chilla's hand landed on the exposed wiring, making her do an electric jig.

  Alluro shouted, "Shit!" and tried to pull Chilla away... but ended up being frozen by the electric current also. Isis used both of their heads as stepping-stones as Amok approached at full speed.

  "Amok get kitty!"

  Alluro wanted to say "No!" but couldn't. He and Chilla were both run over by Amok as he continued to pursue Isis. "Amok get kitty!"

  Alluro got up and dusted himself off. He tried to give Chilla a hand, but she hissed... making him withdraw his hand as she stood up. "Damn that thing... I hate cats!"

  Alluro said with a smirk, "Evidently, my dear..."

  Chilla frowned and said, "Don't you ever call me... shit!"

  Alluro scratched his head. "Shit? Since when did I call you..."

  "Amok get kitty!"

  Alluro screamed as Isis dug her claws in and quickly scaled his back. Isis springboarded off of his head and perched on a ledge on top of the main viewscreen. Amok galloped over Alluro and Chilla, sending all three of them into the control panel. Isis sat on her perch, gave a small "mew," and licked her paw as the three Lunataks got electrocuted together.

  Isis calmly hopped down and walked into Skytomb's kitchen.

  Luna picked herself off the floor and started to walk into the control room. She said, "What the hell?" and quickly opened the circuit breaker.

  Amok came to right away and looked around the room for Isis. Alluro and Chilla took more time to regain their senses. Alluro was feeling too stunned to laugh at Chilla's muffled voice underneath him as she said, "Get off me!"

  Alluro quickly jumped to his feet as he felt Chilla starting to freeze the center of his back.

  Luna started to walk forward, but she didn't realize that the underwear that previously joined her and the cat was now hooked on her feet. She yelped as she fell forward and landed on her hands.

  Luna screamed out of frustration. "DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!" She coughed a couple times, stood up, and kicked the wayward underwear from her boot. Alluro and Chilla had matching looks of disgust.

  Amok said, "Amok no get kitty."

  Alluro rolled his eyes and raised an eyebrow. "No shit!"

  Amok said, "Amok find kitty..." as he started towards his and Luna's bedroom again.

  Luna said, "Well... what are you lumps waiting for? Find that diseased creature now!"

  Chilla frowned and said, "I don't even want to see that disgusting thing!"

  Alluro smirked. "You mean the great Chilla is afraid of a little pussy-cat?"

  Chilla hissed. "Shut up... I'm a Lunatak, and nothing scares me!"

  "Very well, then." Alluro looked into the kitchen. "Uh oh..."

  Chilla and Luna joined him and looked into the doorway.

  Luna screeched, "It's eating Amok's candy!" Alluro and Chilla both winced from her voice, then realized too late what that meant.

  Amok barreled towards the kitchen with wide eyes. "NO EAT AMOK CANDY!!!" Chilla, Luna, and Alluro had no time to react before Amok ran all three of them over in the doorway.

  Amok stopped as he was about to swat the cat into the floor. "Awwww... nice kitty." Isis' big black adorable eyes had taken their hold again. She calmly sauntered over to the three trampled Lunataks, stopped about two feet in front of them, and started heaving.

  Alluro looked up and gagged as Isis vomited up a mixture of candy, rat brains, and something else that smelled like it died a hundred years ago. All three Lunataks got up and backed off, trying not to lose their lunch. Isis suddenly passed out and flopped over on the floor.

  Amok scooped up the prone cat and pet it. "Poor kitty..."

  Chilla entered the kitchen, staying wide of the foul mess on the floor, and tried to freeze Isis.

  Amok shouted, "No hurt kitty!"

  Luna lost her patience and stomped into the kitchen. "Amok! Kill it!"

  "Amok no hurt kitty!"

  "Damn you, Amok! Kill..." Luna swallowed hard as she realized that she stepped in the mound of vile cat vomit. Chilla and Alluro looked over and said, "Ewwww..." simultaneously.

  "Amok no hurt kitty!"

  Alluro started to smile. "Oh, ladies..."

  Chilla and Luna walked closer. "As much as I detest violence against animals... there is a certain breed of cats that I would like to see suffering."

  Chilla and Luna both had matching smiles. Luna walked over to Amok, who was cradling Isis protectively in his huge arms. "Amok? Give me the nice kitty..."

  "No! Amok no let hurt kitty!"

  Luna used the sweetest voice she could muster. "We're not going to hurt the kitty... we're just going to give her a new home."

  "No! Kitty Amok friend home Skytomb!"

  Luna's eyes went wide and bloodshot for a moment, then she screamed. "Amok! Give me that filthy creature right now!"

  Amok's eyes went wide. "Amok no hurt kitty!"

  Luna's voice went sweet again. "Amok... I'll get you another pet. A puppy? Maybe a Warrior Maiden?"

  Alluro cleared his throat and brought out his psyche club. "Dear, sweet Luna... there is a much easier solution to our current dilemma."

  Luna looked up as Alluro released the orb. "You know, Alluro... normally I'd have Amok pulverize you for trying to hypnotize him, but..."

  "But? But dear... there's vomit on your shoe."

  "Oh, shut up!"

  Alluro turned his attention back to the stunned beast. "Amok... you want to give us the cat. It's your friend, but it has no home! Would you want it to go cold and hungry?"

  "Amok no want kitty hungry..."

  "Good, then hand the wretched creature over... you want to... you have no choice."

  "No choice... Amok give kitty nice Alluro..."

  "There, that wasn't so tough now, was it?" Alluro smiled lecherously at Luna. "I'll take that Warrior Maiden, though."

  Luna shouted, "You'll get nothing until you get rid of that creature!"

  Alluro shouted as Chilla popped a fireball against the back of his head. "Oww! Dammit Chilla! No wonder I'm losing my hair!"

  Chilla hissed, "It's your own damn fault, pretty boy! Look sideways at a Warrior Maiden again, and I'll freeze your balls!"

  Alluro made a face and did a condescending "Oooooh!"

  Luna screeched, "Will you two shut up and get rid of that flea motel?"

  Alluro sighed, got a breadbox off the shelf, and locked the unconscious cat in it.

  Luna sighed. "Good... now you and Chilla take that thing to the Cat's Lair."

  Alluro rubbed his backside... it was getting sore from Amok repeatedly stepping on it. "It will be a distinct pleasure, Luna."

  Chilla hissed, "I'm not going near that thing!"

  Luna shouted again. "Don't argue with me! I want it gone before it wakes up again!"

  "Then I'll freeze it!"

  "You'll do no such thing! It has to be in perfect health if it's going to terrorize the Thundercats!"

  Meanwhile, back at the Black Pyramid, Mumm-Ra stared intently into his cauldron. "Yeah, like you or any other mortal could hurt her. Oh, this is turning out much better than even I had planned. Heheheheheheheh. It's a shame I have to rest now..." Mumm-Ra waved his hand across the cauldron. "Lucky for me, the cauldron records all. Heheheh."

  Alluro picked the breadbox up and placed it under his arm. "Oh, let's just go, dammit!"

  WilyKit and WilyKat were having a picnic in the wooded area by the lair. WilyKat was looking around some boulders while WilyKit was leaning against a tree, looking into a clearing. She thought she heard a faint cat's meow.

  Following the sound, WilyKit found the breadbox that Alluro had strategically tossed in their direction. She opened it up and stared into the cat's big black irresistible eyes. "Oh, you poor darling! How could anyone lock you in a little box and just ...leave you here?" She picked the cat up and started petting it. Isis purred happily and rubbed her head against WilyKit's chin, making her giggle.

  "What's up, sis?" WilyKat heard his sister giggling and followed to see what was happening.

  "Look, WilyKat! I found a cute kitty!"

  WilyKat started laughing.

  WilyKit frowned. "What's so funny?"

  "Oh, nothing... except that Panthro will probably go off on you for bringing another animal home."

  "Hmmph! Look at her, WilyKat... she's hurt."

  WilyKat looked at Isis' paw... she was holding it back like it was in pain. "Aww... the poor thing!" WilyKat's eyes locked with Isis'. "She's so cute..."

  "Well, let's get back to the lair, brother. She needs our help! Then she can live with us."

  WilyKat spoke in monotone. "Yes... live with us..."

  As the twins walked into the lair, WilyKit was quick to wrap Isis up in their picnic blanket. Isis produced a startled "mew" as her head was gently pushed back under the blanket as they walked by Cheetara's room.

  The cheetah woman instantly covered the distance from her desk to her doorway, startling WilyKit and WilyKat. "Okay, what are you kids up to?"

  Despite his rich fantasy life with Cheetara (and the occasional Warrior Maiden guest-starring,) WilyKat hated it when she rushed them like that: it gave him no time to think. "Uhh... er..."

  WilyKit quickly said, "Nothing... we were..."

  WilyKat nervously finished. "Having a picnic."

  Cheetara folded her arms, leaned against her doorway, and gave a knowing smile. "Uh huh... and what exactly is that?"

  The twins both followed her gaze to the fluffy white tail tip protruding from the end of the blanket, flicking back and forth.

  Cheetara sighed and said, "You know you're not supposed to bring any animals into the lair."

  WilyKat said, "But... but..."

  WilyKit added, "She's injured, and she needs our help, Cheetara."

  WilyKat finished with an "Uh, yeah."

  Cheetara frowned a bit as Isis' head popped up. She met the cat's gaze, but her psychic powers prevented Isis from influencing her. Cheetara was too distracted thinking about the twins to pick up on the cat's mental abilities. "Injured, huh? Well, I guess that's okay... for now. Let's get her to the infirmary so Tygra can take a look at her."

  WilyKit and WilyKat looked at each other for a moment and nodded nervously as Cheetara led the way down the hall.

  As they entered the infirmary, Tygra quickly hid a test tube that he was holding under his nose. "Um, hey... hello!" Cheetara emitted a brief irritated growl from under her breath, which she quickly suppressed. The twins both strained to keep from snickering out loud.

  Tygra's eyes lit up as WilyKit produced the white cat. "Well, who do we have here?"

  Cheetara said in a voice that sounded like she had been up all night, "a patient. She's all yours, Tygra." Cheetara walked out, with Tygra and WilyKat's eyes both fixed on her backside. WilyKit smacked her brother across the back of his head with her hand.


  Tygra cleared his throat and came back to reality. "Okay, so... what seems to be the problem?"

  WilyKit said with an innocent look in her eyes that didn't look too different from the cat's expression, "Some cruel person locked her in a little box and left her out in a field, Tygra... and her paw's hurt!"

  As if on cue, Isis suddenly raised her paw and shook it like it hurt.

  Tygra slowly reached for Isis. "Okay, let's see what we have here..."

  Isis suddenly hissed and backed up into WilyKit's arms.

  Tygra backed off quickly. "Whoa... looks like she only trusts you two."

  WilyKat confidently said, "Yeah." And reached to pet Isis, which earned him a quick swipe from her claws.


  WilyKit hugged Isis close and said, "Well, she's my kitty." Isis licked WilyKit's nose for emphasis, making her giggle.

  Tygra tilted his head a bit and cleared his throat again. "Kit, you know the rules."

  "But she needs a home... and love!"

  Tygra sighed. "That's not what Panthro will want to hear."

  "Well, it's not like she's a squirrel or anything."

  WilyKat smiled and Tygra groaned from that memory. The twins had once brought in a family of squirrels... and they immediately made a home in the main ventilation shaft and ran around on the cables by the ceilings. It had taken two weeks for Panthro to catch them all.

  Isis jumped down on the floor and started walking around WilyKit's feet, rubbing and purring.

  Tygra raised an eyebrow. "Well, she seems to walk just fine... tell you what. You can keep her in your room tonight, but she has to go in the morning. There's probably a poor Wollow somewhere who misses her."

  WilyKit gave a pout that made Tygra sigh. He hated to deprive the kids of anything, but it was probably for the best. "Now you two get ready for dinner... Snarf traveled all the way to the Wollow's trading post this morning to get some genuine anchovies for tonight's salad; as well as a real roast duck."

  WilyKat's eyes went wide. "Wow... real meat?"

  Tygra smiled. "Yep, no meatfruit or any other Berbil foodstuffs for us tonight!" Tygra slyly thought about the Berbil wine that would come later, and he hoped to get Cheetara to drink some: because once she starts drinking it...

  WilyKit and WilyKat both squealed with delight. "Real meat! Real meat!"

  Tygra chuckled from seeing the kids happy like this... besides; he couldn't wait to sink his teeth into a real cooked animal carcass himself for a change. "Okay, you two run along... or rather, you three. Heh heh."

  WilyKit and WilyKat went into their room, and Isis immediately jumped to WilyKat's bed, curled up on his pillow, and went to sleep.

  "Awww... that's so cute!"

  "If you say so, sis... but she's on my pillow."

  "Oh Jaga, Kat. Don't have a cow." WilyKit started to undo her dress as she closed the bathroom door.

  WilyKat sighed, sat on his bed, and took his boots off as WilyKit started the shower. He leaned back and tried to figure out how to get the cat off his pillow. Isis stirred and growled at him. WilyKat sighed and lay back on his sister's bed instead.

  Downstairs, Snarf was resisting a serious urge to sample the anchovies that he was adding to the salad. "No no... snarfy snarfy... it'll be worth the wait. This is going to be the greatest dinner ever... snarf snarf." Snarf lowered himself to the floor and checked the duck in the oven again. "Mrrr... you're a slow cooker, but then again, meatfruit cooks much faster... snarf snarf." He rubbed his hands in anticipation and sniffed the fine aroma of cooking meat and anchovies in the air. He suddenly had the urge to sing. "Real meat, real meat... snarfy, a-snarfy snarf."

  The Thundercats started filing into the dining room and sat down. Panthro remarked on the fine Thunderian china that Snarf had brought out. Snarf was only too happy to oblige. "Well, since I had to hike all that way to surprise you all, I figured I might as well get the good dishes out."

  Tygra laughed. "Rowl, it's been a long time since I saw these..." He gestured towards the fancy champagne glasses, making a brief look of disgust cross Cheetara's face.

  Panthro had to suppress the urge to laugh. "Well... something sure smells good, Snarf."

  Snarf rose up on his tail and said, "The main course is still in the oven... I forgot how much longer real meat takes to cook." Snarf sighed and added, "I guess we might as well start on the salad since we're all here, snarf snarf."

  Snarf hummed a happy Snarf tune to himself as he walked into the kitchen. The tune abruptly ended as Snarf heard a scraping sound coming from the counter above.

  Raising himself up on his tail, Snarf saw the backside of a white cat. Isis was busily raking the lettuce and other vegetables out of the bowl and eating the anchovies.

  Snarf said, "What the?" when Isis kicked a rather large leaf of lettuce with a generous coating of dressing into Snarf's face with a wet splat.

  Snarf threw the leaf aside, wiped his face, and looked up to see the salad bowl sliding off the edge of the counter. He barely had time to say, "Snarf!" as the bowl and cat both tumbled off the counter, landing on him.

  Snarf came to on the kitchen floor with lettuce and dressing all around him and stuck to his fur. "Schneaaarrrharharharharrrrf! My salad! My beautiful salad!"

  Snarf groaned as he heard Lion-o in the dining room say, "What's going on in there, Snarf? We're hungry out here!"

  He felt something pulling at the fur on his leg. It was Isis, taking the last remaining anchovy and trotting into the dining room with it.

  Snarf scrambled to his feet and started chasing her. "Schneaaarrf! I'll kill you, you... you little monster!" He slipped on some dressing and landed hard on the floor.

  "Schneaaaarrrrf!" Snarf cried out, "You're dead!" and started to run after Isis on all fours.

  Isis picked up speed with a "Raaaoow!" and jumped up into WilyKit's lap at the table.

  Snarf stopped a couple feet away from her, breathing quickly with anger. "You give me that horrid creature right now!" Snarf could feel his temples throbbing as Isis calmly looked down at him and started chewing on the last anchovy.

  WilyKit flashed Snarf a scowl and said, "Don't you dare hurt my kitty!"

  Panthro frowned. "'Your' kitty?"

  WilyKit quickly inhaled. "Well, she was hurt, see..."

  Panthro's eyes bulged. "You know damn well you're not supposed to bring animals in here!"

  Lion-o said, "Aww, come on, Panthro... it's not like she brought in a squirrel or anything."

  Panthro fumed and resisted the urge to smack Lion-o. "When I lay down a rule, Lion-o, I expect you to support it like everyone else."

  "Oh, okay Panthro. I know you're right. Now, kids... you have to find what's-its-name a home tomorrow, okay?"

  WilyKit and WilyKat nodded in unison.

  "Good. Now, it is awfully cute, isn't it?"

  WilyKit said, "She's a 'she,' Lion-o."

  "Okay, she's cute."

  Snarf growled, "Cute? Cute? That little monstrosity ruined our anchovy salad that I worked all day on!"

  Lion-o smiled. "Now, Snarf... she's only being a cat. She was hungry. Besides, you're incapable of evil, remember?"

  "That's true, but that doesn't mean I can't get mad and think about it!"

  "Now, Snarf... don't be so grumpy."

  Snarf sighed. He knew it was impossible to reason with Lion-o sometimes. "Hell with it... no one appreciates me. Snarf snarf..."

  Tygra said, "Of course we appreciate you, Snarf... you're the finest cook on New Thundera!"

  Lion-o added, "Hah! Yeah, and WilyKit's guest thinks so too." He tried to start a round of laughter, stopped, and looked around at everyone. "What?"

  WilyKat started to open his mouth to say something to Lion-o, looked at the others, and thought better of it.

  Snarf growled, lowered his head, and headed back into the kitchen to guard the duck.

  Meanwhile, Isis was getting bored now that Snarf was leaving. She hopped from WilyKit's lap to the table and started walking across it. Panthro raised an eyebrow. "Kit, you better grab that AAAAAH!" Panthro quickly jumped up from the table because Isis had brushed up against his juice, spilling it in his lap.

  The sound of Panthro's shout made Isis bolt at full speed. Tygra was sipping his juice and thinking about Cheetara when Isis leaped into his hair and vaulted off of his head, causing him to partially inhale his juice. Lion-o started laughing as Tygra sputtered and coughed. When Tygra regained his composure, he joined the others in giving Lion-o a frown. Lion-o said, "What?"

  WilyKat shrugged his shoulders and started drinking his juice.

  Isis slinked into Lion-o's room and started looking around. She found the Sword of Omens and the Claw Shield propped up against the bed. It was her duty as a cat to mark it as hers, so she started rubbing up against it. Isis suddenly howled as the Claw Shield bonded to her back as it normally does to Lion-o's leg.

  Isis tore around the room, trying to lose the sword and shield that were pulling against her fur. She scrambled back into the dining room and ran around the table at high speed. Everyone sat in shock as she howled at top volume and started running along the ledges and furniture, claws scraping madly on the hard floor.

  Lion-o said, "Sword of Omens... come to my hand!"

  Isis' back feet were momentarily picked up as the sword responded and flew to Lion-o, but the claw shield remained firmly in place. Freed of the extra weight, Isis picked up more speed in her panicked flight around the room, howling all the way. She jumped and made a mad dash across the table... everyone tried to grab the shield, but she was too quick. She skidded across the tablecloth, taking most of the dishes, glasses, and silverware with her.

  Snarf was just emerging from the kitchen carrying a large platter with a bell-cover. He couldn't see directly ahead of himself, but he heard the dishes shattering and said, "Mrrr?" just as Isis whisked past him, making him lose his balance. He shouted a quick "Schneaaarrrf!" as he landed face first into the duck. The bell-cover bounced off the floor with a loud brassy clang, making everyone cringe.

  Snarf quickly got to his feet and made a muffled scream inside the hot roast duck, trying to pry it from his head. WilyKat came over and tried to pull upward on the wings, making them separate from the bird. He tossed them aside and pulled up on the whole duck while WilyKit tried pulling Snarf's feet. Snarf yelled a muffled "Smarf!" with each pull until the entire carcass suddenly came apart and Snarf flopped forward into the shredded remnants of what was once an aquatic fowl.

  About that time, Lion-o had managed to grab the Claw Shield, and pulled against the cat. Isis clamped down on his arm, making him shout as he finally got the shield to come off of Isis' back. The force of the shield coming off made it bond to his hair. Sensing her freedom, Isis jumped from his arm and made her way towards the shreds of duck meat that were all over the dining room floor.

  Lion-o started pulling at the shield stuck to his hair and said, "Oh, no... not again!" Everyone but Snarf stopped and looked at Lion-o quizzically after he said that.

  Snarf just sobbed face down in the leftovers and started pounding the floor with his fists, saying "Snarf!" with each strike. Snarf got up and looked at Isis with pure hatred in his eyes. He ripped apart the duck's former ribcage that was still clinging to his head, then picked up a leg and charged. Before anyone could say anything, he hurled the leg at the cat with deadly accuracy.

  Isis didn't even look up from the piece of ex-duck breast that she was chowing down on. The leg bounced off of some invisible barrier a foot away from the cat before it could hit her. Everyone went silent when they saw that.

  Panthro broke the silence. "Okay, that proves it... that's no ordinary cat... it's evil!"

  Lion-o said, "No... it can't be!"

  "Yes it is, Lion-o... it knocked my juice over on purpose!"

  "No way... it's just a harmless kitty cat."

  "Dammit, Lion-o! What do I look like, a Jackal? I saw its eyes... it did that on purpose!"

  "Well, Panthro... there's one way to find out. Sword of Omens... show us if this cat's evil!"

  A beam of white light shot from the sword to the cat, making her look up and give a "mew?" The beam did nothing to her and stopped.

  "Well, she's not evil."

  Snarf cleared his throat. "Says you, Lion-o!"

  "Snarf... the sword would have told us if she's evil."

  "Well, it's bad at any rate, snarf snarf... it has five seconds to disappear before I kill it!"

  WilyKit stepped in and picked up Isis and the piece of meat she was working on. "You will NOT hurt my kitty!"

  Everyone said, "She is not your kitty!" in unison.

  WilyKit growled and said, "Well, I'm taking her to bed. Good night!"

  Snarf said, "Good riddance..." as WilyKit strode off towards her room with Isis in her arms.

  Panthro said, "Well, I'll fire up the leftover meatfruitloaf from last night since dinner's a bust." Everyone groaned at that prospect. Cheetara volunteered to help Snarf clean up then gave Lion-o and Tygra a bad look. Lion-o and Tygra looked at each other then rose to help her and Snarf clean up the mess.

  The remaining Thundercats ate last night's leftovers silently before going to bed.

  Later that night, a loud "Mrrrooow!" jolted Cheetara back to consciousness. She tried to go back to sleep, but the meowing continued. She got up and met Panthro, Tygra, and Lion-o in the hallway. WilyKat, who was sleeping in the guestroom, soon joined them.

  They stopped outside of the door to the twins' room and heard Isis meowing and WilyKit giggling. They opened the door and looked inside. WilyKit smiled and said, "She's singing!"

  Panthro said, "She's howling... if I hear one more noise out of that cat tonight, its going to be Snarf's next dish!"

  "Don't you hurt my kitty!"

  "It's not your kitty! It's outta here tomorrow!"

  "Come on, kitty... let's sleep then." Isis burrowed beneath the covers, turned around, and stuck her head out. WilyKit lay down and put her arms around the purring cat. "My kitty..."

  Everyone groaned in the doorway and went back to their beds. WilyKat returned to the guestroom: there was no way he was sleeping in the same room as that cat.

  Two hours after everyone fell asleep; Isis disentangled herself from WilyKit's arms and started wandering around the lair to explore her new home. She picked up the scent of fresh wine and followed it to the striped Thunderian's room. The bottle was lying on its side with a maroon puddle that was soaking permanently into the carpet. Isis used her paw to tip the bottle's neck downward and lapped at the liquid as it emerged. She was careful to keep her whiskers clear of the rest of the wine as it spilled into the carpet... making the stain fresher.

  Isis spotted the high vantage point of Tygra's desk and leapt up to it. Her eyes went wide with kitty delight as she saw all the wonderfully thin paper that contained blueprints of a new lair that he was working on. She frolicked among the papers for a good ten minutes until they could no longer make that crinkling noise that she enjoyed. She crept down into Tygra's chair and opened the drawers with her paw. She spent another good half-hour burrowing into the paperwork and shredding it all to build herself a nest to sleep in.

  Oblivious to the symphony of ripping paper from his desk, Tygra was snoring loudly and drooling on his pillow. He was too drunk to hear or feel anything. Isis curled up for a few moments, but she was too excited to sleep. She jumped out of the drawer and left the room to explore the rest of her territory before curling up in WilyKit's arms for another nap.

  WilyKat was in the middle of a wet dream... he was under the covers with a strangely willing Cheetara who purred and licked at his neck. WilyKat couldn't believe his luck as her rough tongue slowly explored the contours of his fine facial fur and finally went across his lips. Cheetara and WilyKat purred together as he started kissing along her neck, lightly nibbling at her fine fur. WilyKat noticed that her fur had an unfamiliar musky odor to it, but he was feeling too romantic to care.

  WilyKat silently cursed as he realized that Cheetara was just a dream and he was starting to wake up. He tried to resist the pull back to consciousness, and thought he was slipping comfortably back into the dream as he continued to feel her fine fur against his lips. WilyKat started purring and nibbling again, but realized that he was fully awake now. He opened his eyes and went into shock as he saw a row of dead mice stretched out on his pillow and neatly lined up. WilyKat realized that his lips were pressed against the back of the nearest mouse. He screamed, jumped out of the bed, and sat in the corner of the room with his arms wrapped around his knees. WilyKat spat and screamed for several minutes straight, waking Cheetara, Panthro, and Lion-o up.

  Panthro--ever the light sleeper--woke up first. He was having a dream himself, but in his dream he was crawling through the sewer system of the lair trying to find out what was clogging up Lion-o's toilet. He was muttering something about Snarf's cooking when WilyKat's scream ended the dream. Panthro reached across the bed in the dark to turn on the lamp when he felt something cold and wet on the pillow with his arm. Panthro turned on the light to find a large sticky hairball that was the source of the stench, which inspired the sewer scene in his dream. Panthro's eyes went wide and nearly popped out of his head as he hollered in pure rage. He picked the hairball off his pillow and hurled it against the far wall, where it stuck with a loud "splat!" He left his room with thoughts of making himself a white fur cap.

  Lion-o said, "What on Thundera?" as he awoke to WilyKat's incessant screaming. "A Thundercat in trouble?" He looked down at the eye in his sword and saw that it slept. "Well... the Eye of Thundera, embedded in the hilt of the Sword of Omens, is asleep... so there is no danger. Hmm... what is that smell?"

  Lion-o looked at the foot of the bed and saw that Isis had used his blanket as a litterbox. "Drat! That cat used my bed as a litterbox! Snarf's going to have a hard time cleaning that up."

  Lion-o smelled something else. "The Claw Shield... it smells like... cat urine! And look at these claw marks. Oh, Jaga wouldn't like this at all."

  Lion-o made a face as he felt something squelch inside of his boot as he put it on, but was more concerned about Panthro. "Uh oh... Panthro's really upset... and such language! I had better see if I can help."

  Lion-o walked after Panthro and briefly glanced into Tygra's room as he passed by. Lion-o thought to himself, "Gee... Tygra's out like a light again. I must talk to him about drinking wine... it sets a bad example for the twins. Oh, there's Panthro."

  "Ho Panthro!"

  Panthro glanced back with a very irritated look in his eye. "Ho yourself... that cat is dead!"

  "Now, now Panthro. She's just an animal, and animals have as much right to the life-force that we..."

  "Oh, shut up with that canned Jaga speech already. I'm going to kill that cat, and you're not stopping me!"

  Cheetara came up behind Panthro at top speed and stopped right in front of him.

  Panthro gasped. "Dammit, cheetah... stop doing that to me. I swear, you're going to make me drop dead from a heart attack one of these days!"

  Cheetara said, "You're not going to hurt that poor creature, Panthro."

  "Yeah? Just watch me!"

  Lion-o said, "Come on, Panthro..."

  "Shut up, boy... while it's still an option."

  Cheetara put her hand on Panthro's shoulder. "Okay, I'll get the cat. I can get her without waking WilyKit up, and we can make up a story about her running away by the time we get back."

  Lion-o frowned. "But... lying is against the Code of Thundera!"

  Panthro and Cheetara looked at Lion-o and said, "Shut up, boy."

  Lion-o shrugged and said, "Okay."

  Snarf came out of his room with a small wicker basket and a smile on his face. "Mrrrr... I have just the thing for that horrible creature. Sure we can't kill it?"

  Lion-o gasped in surprise. "Snarf!"

  Snarf said, "Shut up, boy."

  Cheetara took the basket and zipped in and out of WilyKit's room. "Here... shall we?"

  Panthro and Snarf smiled at each other for a moment. "Let's."

  Lion-o said, "But... where will we take her?"

  Panthro, Cheetara, and Snarf scratched their heads for a moment.

  Lion-o got a funny smile. "I know... let's give her to Mumm-Ra!"

  Panthro had an amused look on his face. "You know... there might be something upstairs after all."

  Lion-o scratched his head. "Huh?"

  "Never mind... let's get going."

  "Okay... Thundercats..."

  Snarf jumped up in front of Lion-o. "Shhhhhh... we don't want to wake up WilyKit."

  Lion-o whispered, "Okay... ho..."

  Panthro rolled his eyes and started running towards the Thundertank.

  Lion-o and Cheetara cringed as Isis howled at the top of her kitty-lungs inside the wicker basket. Panthro and Snarf just smiled happily as they all left the Cat's Lair and headed for the Desert of the Sinking Sands.

  Cheetara was concerned. "Are you sure this is the right thing to do?"

  Panthro sniffed a couple times and coughed... soon, everyone was coughing. Panthro said, "Dammit!" and opened the top of the tank.

  Lion-o said, "Yow... more cat urine!"

  Snarf said, "No shit!"

  Lion-o said, "Let's hope not!" and tried to start a round of laughter. Everyone was silent, so he stopped and said, "What?"

  Panthro groaned and looked at the puddle on the floor of his tank. "Damn right, Cheetara... this is the right thing to do. Can we leave him too?"

  Lion-o looked at Panthro with shock in his eyes.

  Panthro patted Lion-o's shoulder, smiled, and said, "Easy boy... I was just kidding." Panthro looked forward again with a gleam in his eye.

  As they reached the pyramid, Cheetara jumped out and did the deed. Isis jumped out of the now-open basket, sniffed the air, gave a sweet sounding "mew" and trotted happily towards the doorway of the Black Pyramid with her tail held high.

  Cheetara said, "Hmm... looks like she's at home here."

  Snarf said, "It wouldn't surprise me. Now, can we get out of here before she pees on Mumm-Ra and he comes out after us?"

  Panthro smiled and said, "Let's." He glanced for a moment at Lion-o, sighed, and turned the tank around.

  Mumm-Ra awoke to the sounds of Ma-Mutt's yelping and Isis howling, hissing, and spitting. He cringed as he heard his golden shield fall off a nearby wall, then heard more of his priceless belongings being smashed to pieces.

  Mumm-Ra shook his head and started growling to himself. "Damn animals... I'm killing that cat again: once and for all!"

  Mumm-Ra was about to will his sarcophagus to open when Ma-Mutt, in a flight of panic with Isis' claws buried in his backside, slammed into the side knocking Mumm-Ra and his sarcophagus over on its side.

  Mumm-Ra was enraged as he cursed in twenty-eight different languages: the sarcophagus was stuck against the wall, and the front wouldn't slide open. He beat against the inside with his fists until they hurt.

  "Ancient Spirits of Evil... Transform this decayed form... Damn... they can't hear me from in here. Let me out, dammit! Isis... if I ever get out of here... rrrrrrrrraaaaaahhhh!"

  The chaos continued outside and the eyes of the Ancient Spirits of Evil lit up one by one.

  "Should we let him out?"

  "The Thundercats aren't a threat to us right now..."

  "Yes... why should we let him out?"

  "No reason to let him out... we haven't had this much fun in centuries!"

  The four ancients laughed silently together as chaos reigned inside the pyramid.

 ~~~~~~Ze end!

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