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The Third Earth Book Club

"If anyone could have their way with the Ancient Spirits of Evil!"


Welcome to the Third Earth Book Club!

Pick twelve of any of the books below for just one Jaga Penny, and swear to buy three more in the next year... it's that simple!

[01] How to Win Friends and Influence Anyone - by Alluro

[02] How to Bend Thunderians to your Will with your Voice Alone - by Snarfer

[03] 12 Steps to Recovery: Overcoming the Need - by Tygra (Thanks, Cheezey!)

[04] Men: Who Needs 'em - by Queen Willa

[05] Village Terrorizing Techniques - by Grune the Destroyer

[06] How to Entertain Yourself when your Friends Desert you - by Pumyra, with a foreword by "The Snarf"

[07] Real Fun with Chemistry - by Professor WilyKat

[08] WilyKit's Guide to Torturing Others Through Your Actions

[09] Fixing the Most Complicated Devices with the Simplest Tools - by Panthro

[10] Fixing the Simplest Problems with the Most Complicated Solutions - by Tygra

[11] My Personal Hell - by Snarf

[12] How to Whip your Troops into Shape - by Luna

[13] Men: I Need 'em - by Cheetara

[14] Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral: How To Score with Anything - by Lion-o

[15] Novel Ways to Use A Hammer - by Bengali

[16] 101 Uses for a Dead Snarf - by Mumm-Ra

[17] Treasure Moon - by Captain Cracker

[18] How to "Accidentally" Feel up Girls and Get Away With It - by Lynx-o

[19] Sensitive Inside - by Officer Mandora

[20] The Standard Mutant Attack Drill - A Leaflet by Rober-Bill

[21] 101 More Uses for a Dead Snarf - by Vultureman

[22] Diamonds are My Best Friends - by Driller

[23] Make them Listen! - by Snarf

[24] The Care and Feeding of Lackeys - by Slythe

[25] How NOT to Lead a Rebellion - by Jackalman

[26] Live Life... Lose your Self-Control - by Monkian

[27] TugMug's Guide to Heavy Metal

[28] Sushi Preparation the Honorable Traditional Way - by Hachiman

[29] Book of the Dead - by Plutarr

[30] The Under-appreciated Inventor - by Vultureman

[31] We are NOT Boring Sheep People - by Jed, the Balkan

[32] Locker Room Secrets - by Redeye

[33] The Lonely Lover: I Scored With Everyone on the Planet, but They Don't Remember It! - by Alluro

[34] How to Stand Out - by "Un-named Reptile Grunt #4" (Thanks to "The Snarf!")

[35] Fun with the Unconscious - by WilyKit and WilyKat

[36] Men: I Freeze 'em - by Chilla

[37] Proper Tanning of Snarf Hides and Leather - by Safari Joe

[38] Steal this Guide! - by Quick Pick

[39] Words of Wisdom, and Why Lion-o is So Great - by Jaga The Wise (Transcripted by Lion-o)

[40] 1001 Practical and Impractical Jokes - by WilyKit and WilyKat

[99] * Been Around the Block....A Few Million Times: The Memoirs of a Mummy - by Mumm-Ra (Thanks, Demonprist!)

* Special set - counts as 10 selections

Just fill in the selections you want below and send this form to:

The Third Earth Book Club
c/o Rober-Erich, the Mad Bassist
Berbil Village
Third Earth
Sol System - 214-99696-J7

[____] [____] [____] [____]

[____] [____] [____] [____]

[____] [____] [____] [____]


<< If anyone could have their way with the Ancient Spirits Of Evil >>

We would see...

Luna-Ra the Ever-Whipping,
Tygra-Ra the Ever-Tripping.

Slythe-Ra the Ever-Commanding,
Snarfer-Ra the Ever-Demanding.

Jackal-Ra the Ever-Whining,
Snarf-Egbert-Ra the Ever-Dining.

Mandora-Ra the Ever-Busting,
Panthro-Ra the Ever-Lusting.

Alluro-Ra the Ever-Convincing,
Scooper-Ra the Ever-Flinching.

WilyKit-Ra the Ever-Plucky,
WilyKat-Ra but he still won't get lucky.

Vulture-Ra the Ever-Scavenging,
Pumyra-Ra the Simply-Ravishing.

Driller-Ra the Ever-Boring,
Monkian-Ra the Ever-Snoring.

Hachiman-Ra the Ever-Slicing,
Ninja-Ra the Ever-Dicing.

Tugg-Mugg-Ra the Ever-Bouncing,
Amok-Ra the Ever-Trouncing.

Shiner-Ra would be all class,
Snow-King-Ra would simply kick ass.

Chilla-Ra the Ever-Frying,
Redeye-Ra the Ever-Spying.

Rober-Bill-Ra the Ever-Cowering
Willa-Ra's voice would be overpowering

Safari-Joe-Ra the Ever-Hunting,
Lynx-o-Ra the Ever-Bumping.

Bengali-Ra the Ever-Hammering,
Quick-Pick-Ra the Ever-Scammering.

Lion-o-Ra the Ever-Scoring,
He does that anyway so that would be boring!

I had fun writing this,
Which I will attest...

I'll pop a big aspirin,
And put this to rest!

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