Thunder Twins
Return of the Mutants
Written by Erich the Mad Bassist

Adagio in G Minor by Albinoni
These stories are fan-fiction, and are not intended to infringe on the rights of others in any way. The Thundercats characters are copyrighted by Lorimar Telepictures, Rankin-Bass Productions, Turner Broadcasting, or whoever owns the current rights. I post this freely, and make no profit other than the satisfaction that my fellow fans and I get from these stories. Enjoy!
Chapter One: Night and Day

It was a quiet morning at the new Cat’s Lair as Lion-o, Cheetara, Panthro, and Tygra were sleepily walking into the council chamber to discuss the business of the day. There was a major disturbance during the night in Miner Town as several thunderian miners got into a heated argument with the Reptilian Mutants who also worked in the mines. The resulting bar fight caused all four of the Thundercats on duty to quickly intervene, but not without difficulty.

The colony of mutant refugees that had set up shop on New Thundera were generally looked down upon by the feline population, even though they were proving that they just wanted to be a part of their society. Thunderians got to see mutant women and children for a change, so they began to gain a measure of respect. Still, old hatred dies hard. Until the planet of Thundera had mysteriously exploded, they had been at war with each other for centuries. There was speculation that the cats were descended from “Cat Mutants” that left Plundarr long ago, but aside from some similar genetic markers, no one really knew.

Two years earlier, three mutant ships had nearly crash-landed just outside of Thundera City: they were carrying over four hundred mutants of nearly all species. Half of the species had never been seen before because they were used as slaves on their home planet. Two of the more unusual ones were Frog and Mudskipper Mutants. The last time anyone saw them, they were traveling down the Muddy River towards the Thunderan Ocean. Another former slave species that bore an uncanny resemblance to Third Earth’s Brutemen were living peacefully in the Valley of the Snarfs. Many of the Reptilian and Simian Mutants found easy jobs in the thundryllium mines, and most of the others either turned to farming the countryside or moved into Thundera City to be employed. There were two restaurants and a clothing shop that were mutant-owned, but other than that, most were content being common workers.

Tension had been building up in Miner Town because of a long-held dislike of mutants—reptilians in particular. They had proved invaluable in the mines because of their great strength and resistance to heat. Unfortunately most of them had an edge of belligerence, so the thunderian workers usually gave them plenty of room without incident.

Last night was different. The surface areas of the mine were going dry, and the richest deposits were too deep for anyone non-reptilian to work in. Facing certain job loss, as well as the usual volatile mixture of distrust, exhaustion, and alcohol on a Friday night, the whole place erupted into an uncontrollable brawl. Miner Town had only two police officers, so the Thundercats were called in to help. By the time they had the crowd under control, the Thundera City Police arrived to sort it all out.

Snarf said, “Boy, that was one heck of a night you guys had, snarf, snarf,” as he wheeled a small cart bearing coffees around the large round table which was the focal point of the council chamber.

Panthro put his hand to his temple and gently massaged a bump that sprouted during the night. “Ohhh, no kidding Snarf. Those reptiles hit hard.”

Lion-o looked over at Cheetara, the only one among them who didn’t get touched during the fight. He smiled and said, “Sometimes I envy your speed, lady.” She returned his smile, but had a concerned look in her eyes as well.

“I sure wonder how this is all going to turn out when the surface of the mine is totally devoid of thundryllium.” She said in a somber voice, “Tygra, how are the surveys going?”

Tygra gently put his coffee cup down and was aware that all eyes were upon him. He could almost feel their urgency to hear some good news this morning. “Well, the core samples from the Altruian Valley were a bust: nothing but thundranium in a couple of spots. We’re hoping to find something in the next valley because there just has to be something in the Great Thunderan Mountain range. So far…” Tygra trailed off as he heard someone coming down the hall.

Silence filled the room as WilyKat staggered in, shook his head, and growled, “Rrrraaaaggghhh! What a night! What a freakin’ crazy night!” His tunic was ripped and his hair—which was getting longer and unruly—was in total disarray. He looked like he had slept on someone’s floor. He was turning out to be a regular party animal at the age of eighteen, and he loved it. He was becoming a musician, but not quite the “rock star” yet. He was wearing shredded “cutoff jeans”: another fashion craze that came from ancient Earth. WilyKat was devoting most of his time to the resurrection of an ancient style of music that Panthro thought should have been left buried.

With a look of disgust, Panthro stared at him with a piercing gaze and said, “Where the hell were you last night? Don’t you listen to your communicator? We had a major bar-fight to break up in Miner Town!”

WilyKat swallowed a lump that was building up in his throat and spoke in a shaky voice. “Uhh, hey man, I’m sorry, all right? I must have passed out or something…”

Panthro interrupted. “Passed out? Blast it, Kat! We could have used a hand, and there you were getting drunk with ThorrManx and the rest of those guys!”

WilyKat was being pushed to his limit. He got into a fistfight the previous night with some guy that was talking to his friends at a table and referred to his girlfriend as “Trameea the Tramp.” He didn’t count on being overheard. Now Panthro was accusing him of blowing off his duties on a Friday night. “Well maybe it was time I had no duties,” he thought to himself. Panthro was always the ultimate authority figure to him: carved out of stone, unwavering, and a pillar of responsibility. Sure, Lion-o was the great Lord of the Thundercats and all, but WilyKat remembered him as a boy on Old Thundera, and would always remember him that way. Besides, although he became an adult because of a defective suspension pod in their old ship, he still had this “gee whiz” quality to his voice which made him difficult to take seriously sometimes. Panthro was different. Panthro was mature. Panthro was strong. Panthro was wrong!

WilyKat was just about to raise his voice to him when Cheetara—sensing the tension—broke in. “Panthro, it was a Friday night. Give the kid a break. I’m sure the music was up too loud for him to hear you signaling, because he wouldn’t just…”

Panthro cut her off, “Music, yes I’m sure it was blasting. That noise they listen to now is the reason they’re all crazy!”

“Hey man, be careful what you say about my music!” WilyKat suddenly said with strength in his voice that he didn’t know he had. Cheetara inhaled sharply with a gasp and a shocked look on her face. Tygra and Lion-o both looked up at him clearly surprised by his sudden change of mood. Snarf peeked around the corner—he was also taken aback by the new voice in the room.

Panthro started to open his mouth to say something and stopped. He didn’t expect to be challenged on something so trivial as music, and by WilyKat of all people. WilyKat’s eyes had taken on a sudden clarity and fire that said: “You insulted me!” It was then that he noticed something that concerned him: WilyKat looked like he was readying himself for a fight. Panthro was afraid for him—he always saw him as a son, and was always the first to let him know when he was out of line. It was then that he realized WilyKat had gotten into another fight last night. Here he was, the mighty Panthro, the most feared of the Thundercats, having doubts over his own actions. He felt a sudden red flash of anger. “Kat, I don’t give a damn about your music, and I don’t give a damn about what you do making that awful racket with that guitar of yours in your room. We needed you last night, and you weren’t there!”

WilyKat’s patience reached its end. “Well maybe it’s time I moved out. I don’t want to be a Thundercat anymore! I’ll get a job and live with my real friends! And if you ever talk like that again about my guitar or my music, I’ll rip your friggin’ head off!” WilyKat shouted as loud as he could, the veins on his neck standing out, his whole body vibrating with rage. “And by the way…” he said as he slowly shifted his gaze across the shocked expressions of the four seated Thundercats, “I’m changing my name. I’m WildKat now!” He fixed his gaze on Panthro again, who had a frown on his face from this outburst, “Remember that!” his eyes were locked with Panthro’s for an uncomfortable second. WilyKat quickly glanced at Snarf who was standing in the doorway that led to the kitchen. Snarf was wearing a hurt expression from watching this exchange, and “WildKat” felt a twinge of guilt at this. He suddenly wheeled around and walked briskly out of the council chamber towards his quarters.

After a few tense silent moments, Panthro suddenly got up—knocking his chair backwards—and growled “Why that little…”

“Panthro!” Tygra stood up and quickly put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t. Let me talk to him. You’re too angry to do any good. He’ll come around, you’ll see.”

Panthro’s expression softened. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. I was hell on my parents when I was his age.” Panthro picked up his chair and sat down again.

Cheetara walked around Tygra, put both of her hands on Panthro’s neck, and started to massage the tense cords and muscles. “I’m sure you were.” Snarf looked down at the floor for a few moments and returned to the kitchen to round up some quick snacks to help ease the tension.

Tygra slowly walked out of the room as Lion-o looked over at Panthro, who was losing all but a trace of the anger he had moments before. “You were a teenager?” he said jokingly.

Panthro’s features knotted up into false anger as he raised an eyebrow. “And what would you know about being a teenager?” He was finally starting to relax as Cheetara returned to her chair.

Lion-o spoke with a sheepish smile, “Hey, you had to deal with me and my lost years, that couldn’t have been too much worse.”

Panthro smiled and said, “Yeah. You were the grown-up kid from hell.”

Cheetara chuckled to herself.

Meanwhile on Third Earth, WilyKit was enjoying herself. She was happy that she decided to take a vacation and get out of Cat’s Lair to spend some time learning about life as a Warrior Maiden. Willa was pleased to teach her about their customs and survival in the forest. WilyKit was at that age when girls became women and boys became interesting. “Willa’s going to get some kind of education from me too,” she thought as she was pondering how to ask Willa about how they handle relationships with men: like do they have any?

Willa called out to WilyKit. “Hey! Over here!”

WilyKit quickly trotted over to her side. “Yes?”

“There. See it?”

“No.” WilyKit was confused, but then she remembered what Willa had said the day before. “Oh, this is one of those edible poison-fruit bushes. The four leaves here, and here: so these aren’t really poison-fruit.”

“Very good, WilyKit. We’ll make a Warrior Maiden out of you yet.” She looked into WilyKit’s eyes with a look of tenderness that seemed out of place on her normally stern features. WilyKit wondered what kind of mother Willa would make, given the chance. She was about to ask the question that was burning her with curiosity all day long when Willa said, “We had better return, the sky darkens, and there will be no moon tonight. You have learned much today, WilyKit. I am pleased that you are interested in our ways.” Willa turned around and started walking back to the village.

That night, WilyKit was in the middle of a strange dream. She was a bridesmaid in a wedding ceremony, and Willa was the bride. She giggled as she saw Willa dressed in a long white flowing wedding dress. She had an uncomfortable expression on her face from having to wear such excessive clothing. Four colorful birds were merrily flapping away and holding up the long tail of the dress. The whole scene was so funny that WilyKit started to giggle uncontrollably, and she finally burst out laughing. The whole ceremony stopped, and she could only hear a lone cricket chirping and the footsteps as Willa approached the altar. Willa stopped in front of the altar, but something was wrong. The cricket stopped chirping, and there was a dead silence, except for the footsteps that continued—louder and louder. WilyKit got scared when she realized that she was asleep, and the footsteps were coming from an intruder as the dream faded away into a gray haze of semi-consciousness. The footsteps stopped.

WilyKit was jolted awake by cold reptilian hands on her mouth and right wrist. She struggled as the Reptilian Mutant forced both of her wrists into one of his oversized hands and hauled her upright. There was a grunt as a new mutant entered the room. “Monkian! That lousy…” her train of thought was broken as he quickly tied her feet to the center post of the hut. The reptilian replaced his other hand with a gag, tied her hands behind her around the post, and left for the next hut.

Monkian paused and looked WilyKit over, obviously entranced by her appearance as a young adult. He hadn’t seen her in years, and was surprised that she was almost as tall as he was. She was slender, even more than Cheetara, and was wearing a different version of her old pink and blue outfit that was now a two piece suit. Her hair was longer, flowing, and looked so soft. Monkian was dumbfounded at how attractive she was, even though she was of a different species. He started to reach for her cheek when she suddenly turned away from him and made a low muffled growl. Monkian felt hurt and was starting to wonder if this was worth it for the food and valuables that they were getting that night. They had plenty back at the castle, and the joy of raiding had faded over time. Maybe life as a Third Earth Mutant wasn’t for him after all. He was tired: the years of scrounging and fighting were starting to catch up with him. Maybe if he moved to New Thundera, joined the mutant refugee community that he had heard about, and found a job working in the mines or on power lines? It couldn’t be much worse than Slythe constantly ordering him around and treating him like he was an idiot. He couldn’t really care less about the Thundercats: he used to enjoy hunting them down, but now he wanted out. The Reptilian Mutant returned and smacked him on the back of his head. “Okay, okay, I’m coming. Hoo hoo,” he whispered stressfully before moving on to the next hut.

WilyKit struggled against her bonds the rest of the night, but with no luck. How the mutants could simply tie up the whole village in the middle of the night was beyond her. What happened to the sentries? What happened to the early warning system? Had the mutants figured out how to circumvent thunderian technology? This posed an alarming threat to the folks back home, and she had to get out of there! She finally managed to get one claw on the rope that held her wrists together and started picking at it.

By early morning when the sun was still under the mountains, but nevertheless lit up the sky, there was no sound in the village except for the foreign footsteps of the mutants who were taking their time ransacking the village. Every valuable of the maidens was stolen, and all the stores of grains, dried fruits, smoked meats, and vegetables were gone. The mutants even went to the trouble of harvesting everything that was ripe or near ripe from their gardens. They spent much of the night loading their cargo carrier, which had landed when all was clear.

Monkian stopped by WilyKit’s hut one more time to see her in the light of dawn. He had a pained look on his face, and was about to say something when the unmistakable voice of Slythe called to him. “Get over here, you idiot, or we’ll leave without you, yesssss?” He reacted automatically to the authority in Slythe’s voice and gave WilyKit one last look before running off to the mutant ships. WilyKit saw that look on Monkian’s face, but didn’t think of it as remorse. He was just simply attracted to her, and was regretting having to leave her behind. Oh, she would have revenge—big time! She started working on the rope again.

Tygra paused outside of WilyKat’s quarters and was in deep thought. He knew WilyKat could always confide in him. They had always been good friends, and he saw him as an eager student. Tygra always had a love for archaeology, and WilyKat was always game for an expedition into the unknown. It was only two years before when they discovered the ruins of an ancient city known as San Francisco during one of their routine flights into space. They spent several months exploring the different buildings, streets, and tunnels before they found “the vault.” It was a storage room in the back of a place called a “pressing plant,” and they found tons of plastic discs that were known as “compact discs” to the ancients. They were played using primitive laser readers, and could contain over an hour of recorded sound on them. Unfortunately, they had deteriorated beyond all use due to several millennia that had passed since their manufacture. Tygra all but gave up on any remote possibility of hearing any actual recordings of the ancients. The printing on the discs and the booklets were intact, giving up many clues; but the aluminum substrate that held the recording itself had oxidized long ago, and Tygra had no way of reconstructing them.

WilyKat had a major stroke of luck: he came across a large safe that held the master copies of all the compact discs. They were made of glass and were quite usable. They had also discovered a small cache of “DVD glass masters” which were the same thing, but had video and six-channel audio encoded on them in a most clever way. It took Panthro, Tygra, WilyKat, and Quick Pick over a month to figure out how to decode them. Fortunately, the music discs were much easier.

The very first CD that they decoded was called “Slayer: Reign in Blood.” All three of them were very shocked when they heard the first song. Panthro was ready to throw them all away at that point, but Tygra and WilyKat were adamant about trying to decode more so they could get a feeling for what the ancient humans were like. In time, Panthro found some music that he liked, and everyone eventually found something to his or her taste. There was much variety in the nine hundred-plus discs they brought back with them. Pretty soon, all of New Thundera was listening to something from that vault as the Thundercats encoded the music onto several holo-chips arranged by the type of music and sold them for charity. The one that had most of the young people going was the “Heavy Metal” chip that had seventy-five albums from twenty-eight different bands. Panthro didn’t like the fact that so many young people were playing that one. Tygra didn’t like it either, but he was more open-minded about it. WilyKat, of course, loved it thoroughly. Some of the DVD’s had video recordings of live concerts of different kinds, and that’s what started WilyKat on the road to becoming a musician.

WilyKat and three of his friends managed to reverse-engineer guitars, bass, and drums in the ancient styles. Pretty soon, they were playing away into the night and driving their neighbors crazy. ThorrManx had a large house on the edge of town and had soundproofed one of the rooms so they could do what they wanted at any time. Tygra knew that’s where Wily… no WildKat was going to live eventually.

Tygra rapped lightly on WildKat’s door and jumped when a booming voice on the other side yelled, “GO AWAY!” Tygra raised his voice slightly so he could be heard through the door. “It’s me, buddy.”

There was a long pause, then the door slid open. WildKat had shed his tunic, and was now wearing what the ancients referred to as a “T-shirt.” It was black and had the logo of some band that Tygra couldn’t quite read. Whatever it was, the artwork looked evil to him, and he began to wonder about the motivations behind some of those ancient humans: they were certainly very different from the humans that now lived on Third Earth.

“I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean to blow up at you like that,” WildKat said somewhat sheepishly, his eyes looking towards Tygra’s chest, but not focusing on anything.

Tygra put his hand on WildKat’s shoulder and said, “It’s all right. You know I’m always here to listen to you, pal. He really cares about you, you know. You’re the son he never had.”

WildKat looked up into Tygra’s eyes as his hand returned to his side. “Yeah, but he really went too far this time. He knows how important music is to me—it’s what I live for.”

Tygra raised an eyebrow and said, “Then why don’t you tell him that?”

“Aww, forget it. He’s always so demanding. I just want to live my life without having to worry about the next mutant attack, or the next time Mumm-Ra pops up, or the next time something else goes wrong. We put our butts on the line every single time! I can’t even count how many times I’ve almost been killed. I just want to live like the regular citizens do: worry-free. I’m tired of being a noble.” He paused for a moment and wore an expression that was a combination of guilt and frustration. “There’s nothing in the Code of Thundera that says we have to look for trouble.”

Tygra stroked the fur on his chin as he listened. After a considerable pause he looked WildKat straight in the eyes. “I’ll tell you what: I’ll talk to Panthro and see if I can make him understand. I certainly do, there were many times I just wanted to retreat and forget it all, but we were stuck on Third Earth with danger all around us. Maybe Panthro does need to relax a bit himself because the only challenge the mutants have given us lately is their difficulty settling in to our society, and the occasional lawbreaker or fight that happens. At least they’re not all plotting to take over the planet.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Do we all really need to live here? I mean Kit’s been gone for almost a month now, and no one’s getting on her case.”

Tygra smiled slightly. “Yes, I suppose there’s nothing holding you here. You’re an adult now, and you can fend for yourself. I’m sure your sister is having the time of her life right now on Third Earth climbing trees with Queen Willa and the rest of them.”

WildKat now laughed. “I can just see it! And I’m sure you can all fend for yourselves while I’m living with my friends too.”

Tygra looked a little sad. “So you aren’t just going on a vacation like your sister?”

“Yeah. I’m going to miss you, bud.” WildKat gave his long-time friend a hug and a couple pats on the back.

Tygra broke the hug and placed both hands firmly on WildKat’s shoulders, looked him straight in the eyes, and spoke with a slightly exaggerated note of pride. “You’ve grown up to be a good man, WildKat. May Jaga guide you in your quest for a boring life!”

There was a brief pause, and then WildKat started to snicker. Tygra lifted his hands off his shoulders as they both broke out in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Tears were starting to form in WildKat’s eyes. What the heck, after what happened in the council chamber, he needed this.

WildKat abruptly stopped as Panthro, Cheetara, Lion-o, and Snarf appeared at the door. Panthro spoke in a low voice as he eyed the suitcase that was sitting on the bed, “I guess you really mean it huh?” WildKat nodded.

Cheetara stepped forward and hugged him close. “This was bound to happen someday. Our best wishes go with you Wily… I mean WildKat. You’re a man now.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek, hugged him again, and slowly walked over to Tygra and leaned on him. Tygra put his arm around her, tenderly kissed the side of her head above her ear, and looked back at WildKat. Tygra smiled, and the two of them left together in each other’s arms.

Lion-o said, “Come here, kid!” and gave him a brief but strong hug punctuated with a sharp slap on the back.

WildKat smiled and said, “Who are you calling ‘kid’, kid?”

Lion-o returned the smile and said loudly, “You, kid! See you around… Ha! WildKat, I like the sound of that.” and strode off down the hall.

Snarf took his cue and ran at full speed towards WildKat. Snarf did a quick somersault and used his tail like a springboard on the way up. Snarf flew into the air and WildKat caught him in a full bear hug. WildKat swung him around and hugged him tightly.

Snarf started to moan, causing WildKat to set him down on the floor. “Ohhh. I’m getting too old for this, snarf, snarf… I’m going to miss you, boy. Take care of yourself, snarf, snarf. Don’t forget to stay warm when it’s cold outside, and don’t eat that junk food…”

WildKat smiled. He never thought he would miss Snarf’s constant advice, but he missed it already. “I’ll be fine, Snarf.”

Snarf twitched his nose. “Sure, that’s what they all say, but who do they always come to when they come down with a cold? Poor old Snarf, that’s who.” Snarf sighed and looked up at WildKat with the beginnings of tears in his eyes. “I’ll see you around, WilyKat. Oh, I mean WildKat. I guess I’m just set in my ways.” Snarf walked out of the room and called behind himself. “I’m getting too old to take care of all of you anyway, snarf, snarf.”

This left Panthro. WildKat felt a little intimidated and tense by his presence. Panthro smiled slightly, walked over, gave him a quick but gentle hug, backed up, and spoke in a low voice WildKat had never heard from him before. It was wavering and a little shaky. Panthro looked him in the eye, his gaze shifting back and forth between both eyes, and said, “I’m… going to miss you… son.” A tear started to form in the corner of Panthro’s eye as he turned around and headed off towards his quarters, closing the door behind him.

WildKat stood frozen in the middle of his room for a good minute, his mind going over what had just happened. Everyone had accepted the idea of his departure without question and said their good-byes to him, and Panthro… WildKat suddenly felt weak, collapsed onto his bed, and started crying.

WilyKit was ready for war! She had managed to free Willa, who in turn started to untie the rest of the tribe. WilyKit had been humiliated for the last time, and wanted to tear them all apart: Monkian in particular for standing there and drooling over her while she was bound and gagged. Willa returned to her side and said, “The sentries say that the mutants shot them with some ray that made them sleep, so your early warning devices were still working.”

“Figures. I’m going to get them all for this! When do we attack those stinking…”

Willa placed her hand on WilyKit’s upper chest, her fingertips lightly pressing the spot where her chest met her throat. She looked very serious in that moment as she said, “No, WilyKit. A wise warrior does not attack in anger. A wise warrior picks her time and waits for opportunity. They will not return because they think we have nothing more to offer. They are wrong.”

WilyKit was shaking all over. “What? They stripped the Tree Top Village of everything that wasn’t nailed down! They even stripped all the gardens!”

Willa slowly shook her head with a calm that WilyKit found unsettling for some reason. “They only took what was ripe and cultivated. There are enough roots, fruits, and deer to sustain a village twice our number through the winter. We are not in danger, but we must concentrate on changing our defenses. We must make sure the next attack will not be a surprise. We will be ready for them.”

WilyKit was taken aback by Willa’s cavalier attitude towards the whole incident, after all, she was tied up too. WilyKit figured that Willa knew what she was talking about. Besides, she was here to learn from her. Well, it certainly hadn’t been a boring vacation. She suddenly remembered the early warning system and dashed over to the hidden control panel in the central sentry platform. The Thundercats had wisely installed a communications system that was camouflaged to look like part of the tree. She quickly brought up a three-way channel between her, the tower of Omens, and the old Cat’s Lair.

Snarfer and Lynx-o were the first to answer. “What’s the problem, WilyKit? You sound distressed.”

She hadn’t said a word yet, but Lynx-o always saw so much more as a blind man. WilyKit figured he picked up on her breathing. “We were attacked last night by an army of mutants. They used some kind of ray-gun to knock out the sentries, and they sneaked through the village and tied everyone up.”

Snarfer said, “Ooooh, that’s terrible, snarfer, snarfer. Was anyone hurt?”

“No, but they stole everything they could get! They really did a number on the village.”

Lynx-o said, “A ray-gun you say? This is not good. I wonder where Pumyra and Bengali are.”

WilyKit felt her heart sink as she looked at the black square on the screen next to the image of Lynx-o and Snarfer. “I sure hope they’re out for a walk or something. Should I call the other Thundercats?”

Lynx-o thought for a moment and said, “Yes, call them, but only because of the mutant activity in the village. We wouldn’t want them to waste their time traveling all the way over here just to find out that Pumyra and Bengali were admiring the sunrise together.”

WilyKit smiled slightly at that thought. Those two really had an intense love for each other. She said, “Okay, keep your ears open and stay in touch.”

Lynx-o laughed lightly and replied, “Always, girl. Lynx-o out.”

WilyKit immediately set the second channel for the new Cat’s Lair, all the while keeping the first channel open for the old Cat’s Lair. Lion-o was on duty at the time and answered her call.

“How’s everything in the kingdom? Are you officially ‘Princess WilyKit’ yet?” Lion-o said with a playful smile. That smile slowly faded when he saw the look in her eyes. “Uh-oh, something’s wrong. What happened?”

WilyKit explained the whole situation to Lion-o, and he displayed his “bad feeling” look. “Okay, we’ll be there soon just to be sure everyone’s okay. Hey, Kit. While you’re here, I’ve got some interesting news about your brother.”

WilyKit was happy for a little distraction like this, but something was definitely not right. “Umm, I’ve never heard you call him ‘my brother’ before. What’s up?”

Lion-o got a smirk on his face as he revealed WilyKat’s name change.

“You’ve got to be kidding! He was always proud of the ‘Wily’ part of his name… our names. We were the clever ones! We always escaped danger on our wits alone, or at least MY wits,” she said with a sly smile.

Lion-o looked sober again as he announced, “He’s also moved in with ThorrManx in Thundera City.”

WilyKit paused to consider this. She frowned slightly when she said, “I suppose he’ll play himself deaf now. I guess he doesn’t have to be on watch anymore. Listen, I’ve been thinking, maybe I should live with Willa’s tribe for a while until we get things rebuilt over here.”

Lion-o raised both of his eyebrows and grimaced slightly. “The Lair here is going to be awfully quiet, maybe Panthro will get a good night’s sleep for a change. Lion-o out.”

“WildKat…” she said aloud, testing that word on her tongue. She thought to herself, “I suppose it fits him now, we used to be such twins: always knowing what the other was going to do next, always doing things together, heh, getting into trouble together. Now, I don’t know my own brother anymore: we’re like night and day.”


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