Thunder Twins
Ancient Spirits of Evil
Written by Erich the Mad Bassist

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Chapter One: The Recruit

The sarcophagus slowly opened and an ex-Jackal Mutant returned to life—after a fashion. She had slept for two years as the Ancient Spirits of Evil educated her in the use of their magic and power. Whereas Mumm-Ra started his life already magically endowed, Sessti “The Silencer” had to learn from the ground-up. She excelled in her training, channeling power from her new masters. Unlike her predecessor, she was without remorse and embraced the evil spirits wholly. She looked around at what was now her pyramid, feeling the energy flowing through her body. Something didn’t quite feel right to her: she looked down and saw that she was wrapped up like a mummy, and her hands…

Sessti screamed as she ran around the pyramid looking for a reflective surface. She found an old gold shield that still shone brilliantly and looked closer to see herself. She let out an astonished gasp as she realized that she had been turned into a living mummy. She knew she would look this way eventually, but was in shock at seeing herself converted to this form in only two years. All of her beautiful fur was gone, and her eyes were replaced with glowing red orbs with no eyelids. She literally looked like some kind of humanoid hellhound.

She threw back the red hood that covered her head and gasped at the total lack of fur and the dirty bandages that covered her. She wanted to rip the bandages off, but she knew better. Her training during her undead sleep was slowly returning to her. She replaced the hood and started grinning. Yes, this was a small price to pay for such power.

She walked back into the main chamber and called out to her masters. “Ancient Spirits of Evil, speak with me!”

The room grew colder than usual, but it bothered her not. The cauldron started to bubble as the eyes in the giant statues began to glow. She heard their collective voice ringing in her head, speaking as one.

“You have passed beyond the mortal realm—you are now our channel into this reality. You are no longer ‘Sessti,’ you are now ‘Seph-Ra.’ Remember your training.”

She held her hands high and felt the energy crackle between them. “Yes! I remember!” She positioned herself in front of the cauldron, which started to boil under her mental influence. She stretched her arms outward and prepared herself. She spoke in a strong, even tone as she awaited the full potential of her powers to be realized and made flesh.

“Ancient Spirits of Evil… transform this decayed form… to Seph-Ra, The Ever-Living!”

Intoxicated with the rush from the full power of her masters running through her, Seph-Ra’s bandages flew off in all directions as her body shape-shifted into its warrior form.

Seph-Ra returned to the shield and looked at her reflection again. She was over nine feet tall, gray-skinned, and her teeth were hideously proportioned. Never mind “hellhound,” she was now the giant “Hell-Jackal” who could literally shred an enemy with her gaze. Her chest bore the twin cobra insignia that echoed the design of her headdress.

Satisfied, she laughed maniacally as she felt the great reservoir of raw power within her. She couldn’t wait to leave her pyramid to begin her mission: DESTROY THE THUNDERCATS!

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