Thunder Twins
Ancient Spirits of Evil
Written by Erich the Mad Bassist

Dreaming in Stereo by Michael D Walthius
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Chapter Nine: Spiritual Journey

WilyKit was deep in thought as they sped towards Cat’s Lair. WildKat told her she was dead for awhile, and Mumm-Rana had brought her back. Okay, but something was different, she could feel it. There was something nagging at her subconscious, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Well, better to let the matter rest until Tygra could look at her.

WildKat couldn’t wait to see the lair again. It had been years since he walked its halls, and its computer. The next transport wouldn’t be there for six more hours, so he had more than a little time.

Nayda and a couple other Warrior Maidens that WildKat didn’t recognize greeted the twins. WildKat realized that Cat’s Lair had a different smell to it now: it was like a mixture of flowers, trees, and spices were in the air, and it was quite pleasant. Before, it smelled of steel, grease, and Snarf’s cooking. Not exactly homey, but this was a fortress. Now it had a new personality, although everything looked the same to him. “Well, not everything…” WildKat thought to himself as he spotted an intricate weaving hung on the wall at the back of the control room.

WildKat entered the control room while the others remained in the hallway. As the women were talking, he sat at one of the consoles and started to enter a sequence of passwords that no one else knew as he felt for the holo-chip in his pocket. WildKat frowned as he realized something was wrong: silence hung over the room, but he only heard two of the others walk away. He looked over his shoulder to see Nayda and WilyKit standing there, looking at him expectantly.

Nayda said, “Looking for something?”


“Oh, come now, WilyKat… that program… ‘WilyOne.’”

WildKat’s breath caught in his throat. “Oh, that… that… how did you know it was there? It was supposed to be… uh, a secret in case the mutants took over the lair.”

Nayda sighed. “I’m sure recording their communications until you re-took the lair was something Tygra would have thought up, right?” Her eyes had an accusing look to them, and WilyKit started to smile mischievously. “See, WilyKit? I told you.”

WilyKit waved a single clawed finger. “WilyKat, you naughty cat, you.”

WildKat felt like he was being ganged-up on. “Okay, so I had a hidden monitoring program. What’s wrong with that? It was… there for a reason.”

Nayda smiled sharply and brushed her hair back. “Sure, WilyKat… so you could spy on everyone!”

WildKat groaned. “Hey, it was dangerous back then… oh, never mind. I don’t expect you to understand everything about fighting mutants.” He looked at both of them. “…and the name’s WildKat!”

Nayda laughed. “Whatever… we fought those mutants too, remember? All I understand is a little boy with too much time on his hands who wanted to spy on everybody.”

WildKat’s face started to flush as he mentally squirmed in the silence that followed.

Nayda had had her fun. “I discovered that little program of yours when it grew too big from being unattended. It started eating up the main system memory, so I did a little searching and found that extra circuit board you installed all those years ago. We couldn’t decipher the files, but we knew it was recording all communication… and we also knew its name. I deleted it and added that memory board to the main system. No sense wasting a valuable resource.”

WilyKit giggled a little. “Betcha didn’t expect a Warrior Maiden to know computer programming, huh brother?”

WildKat glanced up at the ceiling. “Yeah… and I didn’t expect my sister to turn into one of them.”

WilyKit laughed. “They know a lot of things we don’t. Joining them was the smartest thing I ever did.”

WildKat was relieved that the subject was starting to change. “Well, that outfit you’re wearing sure looks good.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere, brother.”

Nayda was getting tired of this. “Okay, you two… why don’t we get you some food, and we can spend the next five hours telling stories of the good old days to the others while you wait for that transport. The younger members of the tribe had never known any Thundercat besides WilyKit.”

WildKat said, “The next five hours?”

Nayda smiled warmly. “Yes, I’m sure you and WilyKit could tell many stories better together than separately… when there are more than one, the memories of each teller feed each other, making the tale much richer.”

WildKat silently admired her wisdom. Besides, being surrounded by all those girls didn’t sound unpleasant… as long as his sister didn’t turn them against him. “Sure, why not.”

WilyKit and WildKat entered what used to be the council chamber. The table was still there, but a large collection of plants had been added. Nayda turned on a small lamp in the center of the room and turned out all the lights. A collection of at least thirty Warrior Maidens of all ages, most of them five to sixteen years old with a few in their thirties that WildKat recognized from the past, gathered around the dim light and sat cross-legged on the now-carpeted floor. One of the older girls ignited a pot of incense that gave off a smell of lilac and some earthy-smelling wood. Two of the older maidens held infants that mewled softly, while the rest silently waited for their guests to begin.

WilyKit motioned to WildKat to join her by the “fire.” WildKat felt this was all somewhat silly at first, but he realized that he started to feel like he was sitting around a campfire. He felt he should mentally file this experience in his memory: this was about to become one of the more treasured moments in his life.

WilyKit and WildKat spent the next five hours telling stories, laughing often, being somber in other moments. Nayda joined in at various points, and Willa joined the group with several others in their early teens halfway into it. WildKat truly didn’t want to leave when his alarm sounded. They got friendly hugs from everyone as they prepared to leave for New Thundera. Several of the children openly cried as they left, and WildKat could see WilyKit really wanted to stay. He figured she was torn between two worlds now, and he felt for her.

WilyKit sniffed back a couple tears as she watched the band of Warrior Maidens waving at her as the transport took off. WildKat reclined his chair and tried to come up with a plan for dealing with Seph-Ra and the mess that awaited them back home but couldn’t. Exhaustion caught up with him and he fell asleep. WilyKit spent the next hour staring out into the blackness of space as she thought of the two families she had known in her life: the Thundercats and the Warrior Maidens. So different and yet, the same in many ways. She eventually fell asleep as the transport continued its journey to their home planet.

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