Thunder Twins
Ancient Spirits of Evil
Written by Erich the Mad Bassist

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Chapter Eleven: Ties that Bind

Jagrow and his men were nearing the pyramid when the nuclear-like blast occurred. They started emerging from their cover and stared at Jagrow. Jagrow was openly crying, and swearing revenge on the Thundercats. All of his men just stood there and stared at him. He didn’t realize what the problem was until he realized that if Seph-Ra was gone… he looked at himself and confirmed his fears. He was now “Jackrow” again and surrounded by the thunderians he had been misleading all this time. He had barely managed to remind them of their own laws and the Code of Thundera before they bound and gagged him to a tree. One thing was for sure: he’d be spending a long time on the Grey Penal Planet. He could only hope his Sessti was still alive somehow.

WilyKit, WildKat, and ThunderManx slowly surfed their way through Thundera City. Life was starting to return to normal as they saw several families huddling together in the streets and parks—no doubt at the spots where they were reunited with their children. Parents and children both cried and sang with joy. WildKat felt uneasy as some citizens looked upon them with suspicious eyes—no doubt a lasting gift from Seph-Ra and Jagrow. They probably wouldn’t fully trust Thundercats for a while yet, and only time could truly rebuild that trust.

When they arrived at Cat’s Lair, they saw nothing but confusion. Jagrow’s men were wandering out of the doors and making their way back towards their homes. Inside the lair, several large thunderians were shaking their heads and wondering what they were doing. They kept their distance from the trio and maintained eye contact as though they would be pounced upon as they backed their way out of the lair.

WildKat said, “Seph really screwed those guys up.”

Four muscular Tiger Thunderians emerged from the stairwell beyond the control room. One of them pointed a finger at WildKat and said, “This is not over, false Thundercat! Lord Jagrow will have his rightful place returned to him.”

The trio looked at each other with expressions of despair and frustration. WildKat commented, “Well, at least they’re leaving.”

WilyKit, WildKat, and ThunderManx all breathed a sigh of relief as they saw Cheetara, Tygra, Bengali, Pumyra, Panthro, Lynx-o, Stripe, DeathClaw, and Snarf stuffed into the two cells in the brig. WilyKit shut the cells down, and a quiet reunion followed. Tygra immediately went to his lab where Lion-o had been imprisoned in his emergency stasis field generator. The Sword of Omens was sealed in a large black crystal, but a simple call from Lion-o freed it easily.

After a quick examination by Tygra, the trio left for their houses on the other side of Thundera City along with Stripe and DeathClaw.

The next morning, WilyKit was shocked to see Monkian and Racina in ThunderManx’s living room. She was about to turn and leave, but Racina spotted her and motioned her inside.

Monkian quickly sprang up from the chair he was sitting in and got down on one knee. WilyKit felt sick and was about to turn around and leave again. Racina put a furry orange hand on her shoulder and not so gently guided her back.

Monkian stammered, “I… WilyKit… hoo… I… I’m sorry. I didn’t want to do it… hoo… Slythe… I…”

WilyKit silently sighed to herself and said, “Oh, shut up…”

Monkian looked up at her with sad eyes—something she never saw before. No, wait… she did see this before, after he tied her up. She began to feel ashamed and was amazed that she could feel anything for this big brute that used to hunt her and her brother when they were kids. She was starting to see the years had taken their toll on his face and fur. No, this was not the same Monkian.

WilyKit gave up and said, “Oh… it’s okay.” She reluctantly stepped forward and hugged him briefly, then went back to the couch and sat down next to Racina. She was in shock, but that was only the beginning. Monkian smiled widely and sat down on the chair again. He started to talk excitedly about his new job repairing bridges and power lines when a knock came to the door.

WilyKit looked suspiciously at Racina as she giggled and said, “They’re here!” Monkian looked blankly towards the door. Racina opened it and welcomed the visitors in. Jackalman kneeled slightly and gave her a quick hug, then looked at Monkian with a big smile. Racina sat down by WilyKit again and whispered to her. “If what Jackalman says about Monkians is true, you’re gonna love this!”

A Simian Mutant female with a baby walked in through the door and immediately locked eyes with Monkian. Monkian’s pupils widened as he stood up and said, “Hoo hoo… who are you?” WildKat came in behind the simian and sat next to Racina on the couch, never taking his eyes off Jackalman.

The female replied. “Hooo… I am Tesriel… and this is little Tomaka.” She hefted her baby with pride. “I am a refugee… my husband was killed on Plundarr. Who are you?”


“Hoo hooo… no kidding. What’s your real name, handsome?”

Monkian looked nervously at the others, who wore confused expressions. They were starting to realize that Vultureman, Jackalman, and Monkian went by their species names while Slythe used his real name. It must have been some mutant rank thing between them. Monkian shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’m Clandis. Hoo hoo… you’re beautiful!”

At the sound of Monkian’s real name, WildKat started to snicker. WilyKit reached around behind Racina and flicked her finger hard against her brother’s ear. He stopped, said, “Hey!” and frowned.

Tesriel gave a single “Hooo…”

Monkian’s eyes lit up. “Hoo hoo… let’s get married!”

Tesriel replied, “Yes… hooo hooo… let’s get married!”

Monkian got up and left arm-in-arm with Tesriel and her baby without even a goodbye to the others. WilyKit stared blankly at the front door with her mouth halfway open. Racina brought her back to reality by saying, “See? Told you! Hee hee hee!”

WilyKit was stunned. In the course of a few minutes, everything around her had changed. The situation she thought she had was over, and someone just proposed marriage to someone else they met mere minutes ago. This was too weird! Jackalman started laughing heartily to himself in the corner of the room where he was standing. It seemed his troubles were over too.

Racina got up and hugged Jackalman. “Thanks uncle, that was a brilliant plan. I owe you one!”

Jackalman smiled and said, “No, I owe you one, little one. But it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Racina looked up and saw that her uncle’s eyes were sad. “What is it?”

“Racina… I’m going back to Plundarr.”


“I’m sorry, little one, but I have to find out what happened to Shayala: my sister, your mother. When I do, I’ll be back—I promise. If I can, I’ll bring her with me.”

Racina held him tighter and started crying on his chest. “NO! It’s not fair! I just met you! You’re my only family!”

Jackalman looked like he was holding back some tears of his own. “No, these cats are your family. I’m just an ex-soldier who’s tired of living. Go to your friends… I’ll be back someday. Maybe I’ll be the uncle I’m supposed to be—someone you can look up to. Come with me, we can talk on the way to the spaceport and I’ll buy you dinner.” Jackalman looked around at the others as he and Racina started for the door. “Take care of my niece, Thunderbrats… or else! Nyahahahahaa.”

WildKat started to growl under his breath, earning him another shot on the ear from his sister. “Owww!”

After the mutants left, WilyKit and WildKat stood up. “So, are you going to ask her?”

“What’s it to you? Do you know something that I don’t?”

“Yeah, she loves you. Come on, be a man and ask her!”

WildKat groaned. “Quit bothering me about it, sis! I’ll ask her already!”

As if on cue, Trameea came through the front door, walked up to WildKat, and gave him a gentle hug. WildKat ended the hug and put his hands on her shoulders. “Tra… Trameea?” He was quite sure the two girls were setting him up, much like Racina and Jackalman had set Monkian up. Well, this was something he wanted to do anyway, but he felt his heart hammering in his chest. He felt like he was risking everything on one little question.

Trameea’s big green eyes practically lit up as she stared into WildKat’s red eyes. Her pupils started to open wide. WildKat gulped nervously and looked over at his sister, who was leaning against the kitchen door. “Um… sis? Are there any… Berbil Beers in the cooler?” He had a look of pleading in his eyes, which turned to frustration as she smirked and said, “No.”

Trameea gave her a quick angry glance that WildKat couldn’t see. WilyKit smiled apologetically and said, “I’ll check anyway.”

WilyKit went into the kitchen, closed the door behind her, and looked at a four-pack of Berbil Beer that was sitting in the refrigerator. She put her hand in the handle, wondering if it was time to celebrate or not. She smiled as she heard Trameea almost crying out in the other room, “Yes! Yes! I love you!” As she was closing the refrigerator door, she barely heard her brother professing his love for her too.

WilyKit giggled a little and said to no one, “‘Bout time, brother… took you long enough.” She walked out the back door and started for her house or rather, Trameea’s house with all four beers in her hand. She wasn’t much for the stuff, but what the hell. This was a happy occasion… or was it?

WilyKit suddenly froze a few feet away from the back door and looked back at ThunderManx’s house. She was happy for both of them, but she couldn’t help but feel she was losing her brother and her best friend at the same time. WilyKit whispered towards the house. “Good luck… brother.” She turned around and slowly walked towards Trameea’s house with tears running down her face.

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