Thunder Twins
Ancient Spirits of Evil
Written by Erich the Mad Bassist

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Chapter Twelve: Sinking Sands

Spread across thousands of square miles of desert, forest, and lake were the remains of the Ancient Spirits of Evil and Seph-Ra. The explosion that was seen all the way from the Valley of the Snarfs to Thundera City had utterly fragmented the ancients and their evil servant, but it hadn’t ended their lives, so to speak.

Hundreds of feet up in the air, a mote of dust slowly changed direction.

Somewhere on a riverbank, a grain of sand moved by itself.

In the desert, a tiny fragment of obsidian stone slowly turned on its side.

Seph-Ra’s awareness was spread over a very wide area, but she was helpless to do anything. She had no power, but she had her will. She thought out loud, “Now what? Is this death?”

Seph-Ra’s answer came in familiar quadruplicate voices. “Seph-Ra—you are immortal. Time means nothing to us, or to you. If it takes five centuries or millennia, we will reform. We will have our revenge on the Thundercats’ descendants, and the harvest will happen. Time will be our ultimate ally. Wherever evil exists, we live!”

The words failed to comfort Seph-Ra. She was essentially disembodied now, and she watched helplessly as her Jackrow was taken prisoner. She couldn’t move, speak, or otherwise affect the surrounding world, but she could feel, hear, and taste it. To live like this for a whole day was risking insanity, but she realized it would be like this for hundreds, maybe thousands of years! That wasn’t what hurt her the most though: the painful part was the knowledge that by the time she and her masters regained power, her lover would be long dead—a trace of dust somewhere on the Grey Penal Planet.

Seph-Ra had no eyes, no tear ducts, and no voice… yet the crying began. A wailing only she and her masters could hear. She thought of all the uprisings and revolutions she was involved in, all the mutants, thunderians, and others she had sent to their deaths, and those people she tortured when procedure demanded it, and when she became bored. She came to realize she still enjoyed it all, and would do it all over again, given the chance. She was Sessti, The Silencer, and she would have her revenge on every last descendant of the Thundercats.

Seph-Ra thought some more about her glorious revenge, but something was wrong. Whereas everyone believed her to be devoid of emotion because of her actions, that wasn't the truth. She took great joy in her perverse deeds, and she also had her passionate side. The ancients said time means nothing, but it does mean something. Seph-Ra mentally screamed as loud as she could… “JACKROW!!!”

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