Thunder Twins
Thanks and Acknowledgements

? by “2 Unlimited”
These stories are fan-fiction, and are not intended to infringe on the rights of others in any way. The Thundercats characters are copyrighted by Lorimar Telepictures, Rankin-Bass Productions, Turner Broadcasting, or whoever owns the current rights. I post this freely, and make no profit other than the satisfaction that my fellow fans and I get from these stories. Enjoy!

I started this project somewhere around November or December of 1998. It grew from the WilyKit and WilyKat webpages that are still prominently displayed on the main ThunderGate page. According to my What’s New section, the first chapter was posted 12/16/98 as part of my site. Since then, I’ve produced many short weird stories and had lots of fun in the Treasures of Thundera crowd. Thunder Twins was completely reformatted and re-edited in the days leading up to the end, so if you’re an older “fan,” you may want to check out the older stuff. I added lots of extra details and tied everything together more cohesively. Then again, you probably have lives. Heh heh.

Without further ado, I wish to give special thanks to all the following:

Demonprist: for being my introduction to the art of fan-fiction and my first contact in this crowd when I entered the online arena. Also, for many nights of laughter, evilly inspired fun, and of course, the killer Mumm-Ra stories! You are truly inspirational. Mass quantities of kitty hugs to you!

Cheezey: for giving this crowd and myself a place to be creative, for being a friend, and providing a great source for all things Thundercat-related. Now that TT is behind me, it’s time to do as I promised and dive into your serious writing. Good things come to those who wait, and I can now fully appreciate your genius with no distractions.

Tayindin: for your well-meaning and unbiased comments directed at not only mine, but everyone else’s writings. You are a valuable asset to this community, and I wouldn’t have developed my style as well without you. Oh yeah, I dig your writing too.

Seth Triggs: for creating Thundera City which I borrowed, and a couple other locales that inspired me. Also, the many nights full of not just laughter, but the full-blown bad-boy snickering that only comes from thinking of things like Cheetara and Snarf having a bad hair day due to peanut butter that got out of control. Heh heh. See? I’m doing it again. Oh yeah, and also for inspiring me to write weird stories when writer’s block would rear its ugly head. Nothing quite flushes my mind as well as a good round of Snarf being chased by Pepe Le Pew. Now the question remains: are you ever going to read this? ::snicker::

Jetkitten: for being good company online, my partner in crime, my chat room girlfriend/wife in character (as ThorrManx and Kitara,) and the fun we had torturing the others in the room with our shameless public displays of affection. Mwahahahahahaaaa! It was a good thing to visit you in person back in the summer of 2000, and I hope to pig out on sushi with you again at some point in the future. (Come up to Portland… hint hint!)

Artemis: for being my number-one fan and kicking my ass whenever I’d stop working (I have the dents to prove it was way too often!) You’ve become a great lady to chat with in the time I’ve known you, and I look forward to meeting you someday.

Lady Bast: for the interesting chat sessions, my adopted cub (who is fighting the system to become the first teenage college professor now,) the great stories, and generally being nice to me even if my “kittenry” coincided with yours. Heh heh.

ThunderWolf: for the deep chats, the snuff fics, and of course, your part in making the infamous Mutant Crabs a reality. ::skritch skritch:: Did I mention your chat room rules?

Shark: for being one of the nicest people on the face of this or any other planet.

Fuzzy: for finding more and more uses for a dead Snarf, the great chats, the wicked brainstorms, and yes, for being the other third of the insanity that gave life to Mutant Crabs.

Mittens: for the awesome artwork, especially when fueled by Fuzzy’s twisted mind. Hee hee hee!

Kith: for being the original Elessar to marry the chat room versions of Manx and Kitara. Also, for strengthening my character.

Peachyra: for the kind comments and simply being a sweet lady to chat with. I feel all warm and fuzzy now for some reason…

The Snarf: for the good comments, the stories, the offbeat sense of humor, and giving me the opportunity to train myself to handle adversity.

Telly: (The Toy) ::ducks:: just kidding. Heh heh. For being a good friend these last few years and essentially being cool.

Snowtygra: for being such a sweet and fun person, and I guess that goes for Leppi too. You’re truly cool people. May the pink paint fairy not visit her influence upon your bedroom walls again. Heh heh.

Spark: for being so easy to make you laugh… heh heh. Insanity is catching, no?

Jennifer the Mad Clicker: for the entertaining site you run, and the kind comments directed at my writing. ’Bout time I finished this, huh?

Audra (Thundercatroar): for being cool, not to mention the stickers and goodies you sent me. Maybe you won’t whack me with a sword now. ;-)

Rachel (The Tigerlilly Girl): for becoming my last fan before wrapping this whole thing up, heh heh. Seriously, I thank you for the good comments.

I must give a big “whassup!” to Jared Goodrich: the man responsible for the best-looking artwork on my site to this day. You were an influence that led to this huge story. May life be good to you, wherever you are.

And finally, I wish to thank all the people I can’t remember at this moment in time that made my online life more fulfilling, as well as everyone that’s been lurking and reading my work. Even if I never learn of your existence, I’m happy to know I’m bringing a little more light into someone’s lives.

It’s been fun.
—Erich the Mad Bassist


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