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No Remorse by Metallica

Welcome to WildKat's Hell on New Thundera!


Hey, lots of you wanted to know where heavy metal comes from. When I was a kid, Tygra and I were digging around on Third Earth, (he's a total history nut!) We found the ruins of an ancient human city called "San Francisco." We dug up a vault full of these things called "glass masters". These were used to make plastic discs with music that the ancients played with primitive laser readers. We also found lots of movies on "DVD masters" which are the same thing, but have video and six-channel sound. It took Panthro, Tygra, Quick Pick, and myself over a month to figure out how to decode them, and we converted them to the modern Holochips that we all love. Panthro decoded Slayer's "Reign in Blood" album first (don't you just love "Angel of Death"?) and almost threw them away. He mumbled something about Humans being the biggest troublemakers in the universe. Tygra didn't like it either, but being the history dude, he and I talked Panthro into letting us decode them all. At least Panthro enjoys that "Boyz 2 Men" stuff, so he was happy that he didn't trash them after all. Tygra meditates to this "Mood CD", but it's really boring! I don't think they like the fact that everyone's been listening to Metallica lately... Ha ha ha ha ha—ROCK ON!

As you probably all know, we named the band and the first album after Metallica. Thunderrica is the first Thunderian metal band, but there are others on the way. I want to say Hi! to all my buds in HammerLock, Klaw, Crystal of Omens (those babes rock!), and Thundranium Punch. As they get Thundernet sites, we'll give them links!

Everyone keeps asking about my sister, so here's her netpage! I don't like everything she's saying, but hey, she's family! I talked her into getting her picture taken (no easy task,) so go and check her out! Those years she spent living with the Warrior Babes sure made her tough! I don't think she hates men like they do, but she's got an attitude about how all you fans bugged Willa and the rest of them so much that she had to leave! I tried to tell you all to stop looking for her, so now she's pissed off and living in the forest somewhere—AND QUIT ASKING ME WHERE SHE IS! Do you really think I'll tell you? She'd kick your ass, (then mine!)

In case there's someone out there who doesn't know who I am, I used to be called "WilyKat," the twin brother of "WilyKit." I used to have a reputation for getting into trouble, well now... I am trouble!

I'm one of the "Nobles" that survived old Thundera blowing up, and I grew up on Third Earth as a Thundercat. Many things happened as you all know (or can find out using Tygra's search engine), so there's not much I can add to that. I was mad as hell when that freakin' mummy wrote that "Night on Thundera" paper and tried to get the Thundercats dethroned. I don't know about the parts with the other Thundercats (and I hope that thing about Snarf was made up like he says it was,) but that thing about Kit and I: hey, we were just kids! I don't know what's going on, but if that mummy ever pops up again, it'll be "guitar upside the head" time! Just like those Imperial Mutant ****s who tried to jump me backstage after our Crystal City gig last year. They were in no condition to hear what I said, so if they're reading this now, I'll repeat myself: "You lizards are lucky I still live by the Code of Thundera... Yesssss? Bring it on anytime! Rrrraaaah ha ha haaaa!"

Since the Thundernet is brand-new (Tygra and Panthro's pet project), and this netsite is brand new, I'll eventually have a bigger Thunderrica site on-line. FYI, here's the lineup:

WildKat: Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

DeathClaw: Lead Guitar

ThunderManx: Bass

Stripe: Drums

Our first album is out now! Pick it up!

Welcome to My Lair/Jump Off the Stacks!

Pyramid of Death (Gee, I wonder who that's written about?)

The DeathClaw Mosh (DC's killer jam: he does the vocals on this one!)

Freeze in Hell (Thanks for the letter, Chilla! Nice to know you're a fan, babe!)

Splitting Hairs (ThunderManx's jammin' bass romp!)

Into the Shredder (Our moshin' song!)

Thunderbrats ("Nothing can stop us!")

and our version of
No Remorse recorded live at the Silky Club (our favorite Metallica song!)
Fan t-mail: Thunderrica@shredder-records.tnet and thanks to the dudes at the Thundercats Fan Club for supporting us!

Keep on shreddin'!

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