Mumm-Ra Splash Screens
For Windows 95/98®
The Mumm-Ra character is copyrighted and owned by Turner Broadcasting, to the best of my knowledge. I make no money from this, so trying to sue me is a wasted effort. Anyone attempting to sell these images for a profit is scum and shall be punished by the Ancient Spirits of Evil, Ma-Mutt, and yours truly! I made these simply for fun...

Hey there... are you tired of the same old "logo with clouds" that greets you when you power-up your computer in the morning? Would you like to see this instead? Well, it's not all that difficult to replace that screen with everyone's favorite mummy-dude!

These come in a handy-dandy zip file that can be downloaded right here! It comes with installation instructions... which I also include further down on this page. Please read carefully!

In case you're wondering, yes... the colors are limited in these! The Windows® subsystem can't deal with 256 colors, so I did the best I could.

<How to get Mumm-Ra to greet you instead of Billy-Bob's logo>

Disclaimer--- I assume no responsibility for any damage (unlikely as it is) that may occur. These instructions are meant for folks who have a good working knowledge of Win 95/98, and can do things like manipulate hidden files, create new folders, play with zip files, et cetera. If there's any uncertainty... get an expert!

  1. Make your system show all hidden files... because that's what .sys files are.

  2. Back up the originals (if you really want to!) Here are the magic files that you will be replacing (written out in DOS path style for simplicity):

    1. C:\logo.sys This is the main opening screen when you boot up. Note: If you use drive compression, it will be on your original "boot drive" like H:\ or something equally weird.

    2. C:\windows\logow.sys This is the "Shutting down" screen.

    3. If you're inclined (and your computer is older) you might want to mess with C:\windows\logos.sys. That's the screen that says "It's now safe to turn off your computer."

  3. Restart your computer and enjoy!

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