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Demonprist's Shrine of Mumm-Ra Worship All Mumm-Ra fans must come here! (Okay, Thundercats fans too.) Be sure to read her masterpiece: The Two Faces of Evil! (C'mon, don't be a Lion-ho!) This is the first fan-fic I ever read, and it's my favorite!
Cheezey923's Happy Homepage You will visit—you have no choice! This is the biggest and baddest Thundercats site. Home of the award-winning Third Earth Inquirer, a huge fan fiction archive, and countless other goodies!
The World According to Lefty Home of the MST3K master! This is the funniest Thundercats site: visiting is required (unless you were born without a sense of humor.) The weirdest stories live in Lefty's Thundercat House! (Or is that "Thunder Cathouse"?)
Lady Bast's Pleasure Palace A Thundercats site with an Ancient Egyptian flair! This is another high-quality writer, and she also runs the Memories of Thundera Lost Kitten Adoption Agency. Check out her fan-fiction page: The Pyramid Texts. Be there or beware!
Fluffy's Thundercats Hysteria An awesomely talented artist! This site is a must-see: with excellent portraits of most of the characters from the show, and then some!
JetKitten's Scratching Post Partner in crime and a good friend of mine, she has a Thundercats Temple, Dragonball Z, and SIMS sections. She creates many of her own images and animations, has Snarf Slaves, and is making original DBZ and Tcats skins for The SIMS!
Realm of Al Al—as in Alluro! This is a website created by Tay, the RPG master. It features lots of original art, fan-fics, and other goodies. Also, check out his other site: Skytomb!
A Bengalian's Universe Let Altaica—one of the baddest villainesses alive—give you the complete tour of the universe. After all, she'll probably rule it all someday! Fan-fics from a biologist's (and torture expert) point of view make for some intense reading, as well as tons of great pictures!
Grune the Mighty's Web Page This is ThunderWolf's website—dedicated to one of the greatest villians of all time! He also happens to be keeping the memory of Wileykitt's Crappy Corner of Third Earth alive—a site we all miss!
Shark's Feeding Grounds Flamers, lamers, and other annoying entities beware: this guy will greet you by eating you alive in one bite! Well, he is a shark after all. Heh heh. Not much in the way of Thundercats, but he did dispose of Snarfer for all of us!
Panthro's Pad Now here's another site with a sense of humor! Zhie will get you going with items like: Tygra's Weekly Horoscope, Snarf's Bedtime Stories, Drunken Bengali's Stuff, and Cheetara's Mirror: 7th Dimension Psychic Friends Network. Oh, yes: great fan-fiction also!
Everybody comes to Tygra's! And that's no lie. A very high-quality writer with a background in biology. Her stories are rich and complex and feature Tygra, naturally!
The Garden of Delights Another website with a strong Tygra theme—the strongest, perhaps. She has some cool lists, poetry, and stories in script form.
Slinky Avenger's Padded Room of Fun Whoever thought a female Reptilian Mutant could be cute? Well, Slinky sure is! You must visit her site—she's got some cool art and—Kill the Snarf!
Eric's Thundercat Page Here's an interesting site: the only place where you can download the original Thundercats opening scene that only appeared on VHS! Also, good fan-fiction including "Thunder Crusade": a sci-fi series that's looking very good so far!
Mumm-Ra's Pyramid Luke-Ra has the most complete episode guide (as in "totally"), good character bios, a fan-fic archive, and much more. Visit, or Ma-Mutt will leave an unpleasant surprise for you. Eyahahahahahaaaaa!

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Welcome to Castle Plundarr Third Earth's First and only Community College! This is a fun site to visit: Professor Jackalmann teaches what it's like to be a Mutant, and offers his opinions on the Thundercats.
Valley of the Snarfs Not just any old Snarf—this is the home of "The Snarf": one of the most original and unpredictable writers that I know.
Mummraa's Domain Eyahahahahaaaaaa! Another Mumm-Ra fan with a website. Face it, people: we're everywhere! This gal is one of the most evil fan-fiction writers: reminds me of Clive Barker. Visit her site, if you dare!
The Jedi Domain Okay, so it's mostly a Star Wars site, but Telly is a good friend, and she does have a little Thundercats fan-fiction there. ;-)
The Realm of the Elven Lord This is the home of Kith Kanen: a badass six-foot elf-dude. He's got Berbil facts and Snarf bumper stickers. Heh heh, good ones too!
Jennifer's "All That" Homepage A very nice website created by a friend known as the Mad Clicker. Heh heh. There's a Thundercats Page, of course, but she has tons of other goodies worth looking into!
Xahji's Grand Creations This guy is an authority on anime. Check out his Magic Fighter's Realm as well as his fan-fiction. There are Saiyins in Lion-o's family tree now. Heh heh.
Black Hole: Thundercats The Sisko's grand website: lots of video captures, fan-fiction, and original art. A bit heavy on the frames, but it looks very sharp!
The Jazz Man's Thundercat Page One of my fellow bassist friends. You must see The Mutant Project—it's a killer! Also, good fan-fics and Vultureman Sounds Off!
The Tiger's Lair Another fine site—this guy is quite a writer!
Cat's Lair This site is run by a group of RPG players. If role-playing is your thing, check it out and play the Thundercats Game.
Jared's Funkadelic Phatty Webpage Although this isn't technically a Thundercat site, who cares? This list of links would not be complete without a plug for my good friend and killer artist: Jared Goodrich. His gallery must be seen to be believed!

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