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Yes, I really must thank the people who provided me with twenty megabytes of free server space. Why did I come here? Well, my site got too big, my first ISP died, my address is much shorter, and most of all: no frames or popups! - The only place to buy US made blank CDR's! These guys rule! To quote from their site:

The only U.S. Owned, U.S. Based CD-R Manufacturer, and the world's #1 source for U.S. made CD-R media (and also the original inventors of BLACK and COLOR CD-R Media)

Trust me on this--their designer discs rock! I recommend touring their factory pages.

FTP Explorer... FTP just got easier! Definitely the greatest program for uploading my madness to the web. This program is free (unless you're using it for business purposes) and acts like it's part of Windows.
David Griffiths For creating the original (and wonderful) lake effect java applet on the main page.
Erik Bosrup For the awesome javascript tooltip popups that I use on the main and art pages.
Several of my banners were created using this very cool online tool... check it out!
Windows 95 Annoyances
Always there to help solve the little and large problems that Win95 (and 98) present us with.
But most of all, I wish to thank the "Self-Conversant Homeless People's Appearance Foundation". These fine folks round up street people who talk to themselves, and put them in groups so they'll look like they're having a conversation. Please lend them your support!


JetKitten Ah... how to begin? Well... "partner in crime" is a good start. Heh heh. Whether we're torturing people in the chatroom, writing together, or spending hours in each other's presence, she has been the sweetest person to ever cross my phone line. I recently had the pleasure of meeting her in real life. We stuffed ourselves with sushi, played miniature golf, and lounged around watching rental movies. What else could a couple of cat-people want to do? Oh, yes-- I played with her chickens. Heh heh. Heeere, birdie!
Demonprist We want more Mumm-Ra!!! Beth is the original reason I joined this crowd. Writing about the great mummy-dude was the greatest way to get my attention, and I've been hooked on her epic adventure ever since I first went online in March of '98! Besides that, she's one of the funnest people to chat with. Her attitude is the greatest!
Cheezey There is no evil her equal, no matter what other people might think. Sure, she's nice and all-- to us anyway. Woe cometh unto idiots who flame her, wayward Snarfs who lose their way at night, and any small animals who escape their cages. Definitely one of the coolest ladies I know, and hella fun online!
Lady Bast Artist and writer extraordinaire! She might be stuck in a small town with an old Apple, but what comes out is some of the most original writing that I've seen! I have learned much from her-- and have enjoyed some quality chats while we were both unemployed. When it comes to things Egyptian, she is the authority as far as I'm concerned!
Tayindin The man behind the comments on our mailing list. I've learned plenty from him in the way of writing style when I dove in and started writing Thunder Twins. He's been most helpful! Also-- a good man to chat with on those late nights. This is one guy who I'm sure will end up being a terrific father; it shows in his writing. :-)
Altaica Sweet gal-- until she ties you up, anyway. She seems to hold a degree in torture techniques. Mwahahahahaaa! Definitely a writer to be reckoned with-- and fun to chat with also. I mean, you gotta love a tigress who rescued several Thunderians before the planet blew up, turned around, and made a tidy profit by selling them as slaves. Heh heh.
Lefty Seth: the master of weird! I've had more laughs with this guy than anyone else in the chat room. Cheers to you!
Spark Sparkling Slime-- that's what she called herself when JetKitten first talked her into our crowd. One of the most intense Tygra fans among us, and never a dull moment when she's around. Also-- a very wacky sense of humor!
Mittens One of the newest people in our crowd, and yet I feel I know her. A truly sweet gal with lots of artistic talent!
The Jazzman I can't ignore a fellow bass-player, especially one as cool as this cat. Not only is he a fun fellow to chat with, he's also the "bad taste monitor" of the chat room. Okay, he keeps saying, "That's sick!," umm... alright, I admit it: I'm sick, and I'm proud of it!


A sweet gal who's fun to talk to, especially where Star Wars is concerned. Uh oh-- she's talking with a Gungan accent again. Help!
Shark Despite the fact that he tends to bite everyone, I happen to know that he is probably one of the nicest guys around here. Hmm-- maybe that's because I don't try to flame him?
ThunderWolf Random acts of violence-- and snuff fics: first things that come to my mind when thinking of the Insane Lion himself. I still have a scar from the time I asked him if he was related to Lion-o, being a lion, and all-- ouch!
Fuzzball Fuzzy-- oh, how we have tortured Snarfs late into the night. Funny thing is, he's also a Snarf! I guess that puts him on par with Altaica. Heh heh. Did I mention torturing the "Thunder-kittens" too? I think we have way too much fun. (I still say Snarf Egbert would make a fine Datsun seat-cover!)

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