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99 Ways to Die by Megadeth

These are some of my favorite places to visit on the web... Warning! Many of these pages are adult-ish... Look out for the *'s, and don't say I didn't warn ya! * is PG, ** is R, (you get the idea.)

Make no mistake about it--
Heavy metal is alive and well!

Check out Rebel Radio Live, or better yet, Dive into the Mosh Pit!
This is what streaming RealAudio was meant for.

  Good friend and awesome artist; you must see Jared's Funkadelic Phatty Webpage! Excellent anime art abounds, as well as some Thundercats art that's featured right here.

  VSOM: Video Search of Miami. This is the place to find weird movies! They have many foreign films which were never released in the US (but should have been), as well as foreign versions of domestic US movies that have extra footage in them! They have an interesting composite version of "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" which has eighteen minutes of the original Italian footage (with subtitles) that was cut when they made the American version.

Mr. Z's Zebra  Check out *The Jungle Island of Mr. Zebra for some enlightening revelations. He's one of my more unusual friends out there, and a total Kevin Smith fan. (Don't know who Kevin Smith is? Rent Clerks sometime!)

  Do you like digital fractal art? Check out The Fractal Gourmet, Fractal Extreme, Alex's Homepage, Outer Edge Art, CNAM- Paris, and the Fractal Newsgroup!

  Manga Entertainment: After watching one of their animated movies, regular cartoons (dare I include Disney?) will probably make you bored. You haven't lived until you've seen hardcore, in your face, Japanese anime!

  Here's a tribute to one of the greatest video games of all time-- STAR RAIDERS! (If you ever played with an Atari 800, you've probably seen this one.) While I'm at it, I might as well mention the Atari Arcade Game Page for all the good memories.

  Do you think the Illuminati run the world? The N.W.O.? The Masons? Hillary Clinton? NOPE! Visit the **National Midget Resistance and be afraid... be very afraid!

  I wish to thank SaberManx (and his brother) for the great *Darkstalker's Archive, this is where I picked up that cool animated Felicia pic for my Bio page. These guys have a HUGE archive!

The funniest cartoons I've ever seen!  Do you subscribe to Adult Check? If so, you must visit ****Crazy Cat's Cartoon Gallery-- he's got some of the funniest stuff to ever grace the Internet. His list of links is enormous!

  Visit this... here's an odd *Fart page from Portugal.

  If you have a Soundblaster AWE64 like me, this guy has lots of info as well as MIDI files that were meant to be played with an AWE64. (Of course, they'll play on anything.) Check out AWEsome MIDI! Also, check out Yahoo!'s MIDI listing for more info and music files.

  Are you a cat owner like me? I found this to be very valuable-- Basic Rules for Cats Who Have a House to Run! Learn what those "innocent" pets are really thinking.

  Are you a gourmet? Do you take pride in grossing out at least one of your friends with your "aquired tastes"? Well, you absolutely must check out Ray's List of Weird and Disgusting Foods.

  No bookmark collection would be complete without *The Official Darwin Awards.

One very funny (and original) web comic!  Here's one of the first places I ever visited on the web: Beholder Graphics. A fine British website that's home to The Concuspidor.

  Here are some great humor pages: Stupid America (the only thing we have to fear is OURSELVES!), The Gallery of the Absurd, The Useless Pages, The Useless Information Home Page, The Great Wall O' Shame, and Deep Thoughts!

  Check out ***Fitshaced Magazine for some of the most intense writing I've ever seen... The greatest hate literature around: "I'm not racist-- I hate everybody!"

  What's your favorite search engine? Mine is Metacrawler... the top nine search engines in one package! I also like Cyber411, fifteen engines in one! This one uses powerful boolean logic for searching, but it doesn't tell you which engines had each entry-- it just tells you the first one that came up. - The only place to buy US made blank CDR's! These guys rule! To quote from their site: The only U.S. Owned, U.S. Based CD-R Manufacturer, and the world's #1 source for U.S. made CD-R media (and also the original inventors of BLACK and COLOR CD-R Media)
Trust me on this--their designer discs rock! I recommend touring their factory pages too.

  Tired of Windows 95? don't scrap it! Check out Windows 95 Annoyances first. For those of you who did, there are plenty of Windows 98 Annoyances too! These are very informative pages on how to do stuff like get rid of the Inbox, MSN, and Network Neighborhood icons, change your splash screen (if you're tired of seeing the logo and clouds when you boot up!), and most important, they have answers to almost any question and problem concerning everyone's favorite operating system! (I can feel the flames now...)

The ultimate FTP program!  The ultimate ftp tool... FTP Explorer! Upload and download from the web as easily as using Windows Explorer... this is one brilliant piece of software!

  Are you buying $35 cartridges for your printer? Refill 'em for $2! did me right... they seem to have kits for every make and model.

  I would like to thank Jahangir Hasan for letting me use his "lost souls" background for the Captain Planet page. Check out his awesome tribute to *Death, one of my all-time favorite bands!

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