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Motorbreath by Metallica

Here's the latest:

(8/14/07) There was an eye-covering gag I planned to use near the end of Thunder Twins that involved the Jackals, and I realized I forgot to write it in! So, that's fixed now. The printer-friendly edition has been edited too, and now it features proper page breaks and most importantly: page numbers!

Unfortunately, I can't seem to convert it to an .odt file for OpenOffice. The two image files included with the .doc won't insert properly with relative links, so the TT logo and section breaks aren't working. I don't want to require people to place it in a specific location just to make it print in open document format, so I'll figure this out when I have time, or maybe someone will fix this little bug?

(11/5/06) Okay kiddies and kitties, the Evil Episode Guide has been revamped to fit the new Thundercats DVD set as far as seasons go ("Seasons 2-4" are now properly Season 2, part I-III.) However, the episode order is now a hybrid of the production order and my personal preference: having Lion-O's trials at the end of the first season instead of being mixed up (one every five episodes as shown on the air) or too near the beginning as Cartoon Network did.

(6/9/06) The contents table of the home page has been reformatted so the titles are clickable links, and they activate the neat animated buttons too.

The Evil Fan is working again! The episode guide is now arranged into two seasons. Now that the official episode list is out (see the Wikipedia entry,) that is what I'll use. What was known as seasons two, three, and four are now parts I, II, and III—just like the first season. The anointment trials have been inserted between #18 & #24 instead of at the end of season one like I saw here in Portland. Now I have to write a review of those five to fill the gap, heh heh.

(10/11/05) Finally replaced the Watching Eyes Script on the Weird Item page with one that's Firefox friendly. I had to use photoshop to resize the eye elements (yeah, lazier than figuring out the coordinate system and adjusting it) but it's still my enhanced design.

(5/19/05) After having the counter broken for several months, I finally ditched it. I racked up over 32,000 hits between 2/24/99 and now, but I don't think anyone really cares. I do enjoy seeing the odd hits I get in my webspace's control panel. Maybe I'll make a page about that someday.

In other news, I finally have a badass computer I can call my own again. It's nice to have hardware capable of playing games like Halo, Unreal2, and Doom3. It doesn't help my website productivity much though. ;-)

I believe the best revenge is getting better stuff!

(7/18/04) Not much—I added a new photo of myself to the bio page, which is the first since 2001.

(2/9/04) The Mad Bassist's Site is now at mad-bassist.com! The guy who was in charge of my spirestar.com domain name and server turned out to be an amateur extortionist and a crook. He wouldn't cooperate with me when I wanted to transfer my domain to the nice people at Domain Direct where I manage my other three sites. I'm not raising too much of a fuss about it because the name I originally wanted back in 2001 became available. (Okay, he got me on the fine print too, but I could have taken it out from under him if I still had my e-mail address that listed me as Administrator.) You can't keep an evil webmaster down! Hee hee hee!

Oh yeah, I also corrected my little mistake from the past: links are now in the proper bluish-purplish context for what's been visited on my site, heh heh.

(12/12/03) As a few of you may know, some scumball burglarized my apartment and took my computer. Fortunately, I had the foresight to burn CDRs of everything I had so not much was lost. I thought I had finished Thunder Twins before I moved, but I realized I forgot a few loose ends. For those of you who did read the ending, there's a few more details involving Jackalman, Tygra, and the twins. There are some other changes too, but they're not all earth-shattering (or thundera-shattering?) Anyway, I can say with confidence that I'll never add anything to this story again—I am done with it. That's not to say I won't fix a spelling mistake if I find it, but it's time to stick a fork in it, so to speak.

On a better note, my new DSL modem (pause for effect and to admire the blinking lights) arrived yesterday, and I got it hooked up properly today (12/12/2003, that is.) This is just four days short of the day in 1998 when I uploaded the original version of the first chapter on my original website located at fm-net.com (R.I.P.) This is truly a five-year anniversary for me, and I'm celebrating. Cheers!

(9/13/03) There is now a "Printer-Friendly Version" of Thunder Twins, for those who don't want to stare at their monitors hours at a time. The only drawback: no music! Heh heh. There is also a new logo for the story.

(9/12/03) At long last, after almost five years of work: Thunder Twins is finshed!!!

(9/7/03) Oh yeah… all of Thunder Twins is updated and reformatted! I even finished a new chapter to boot. The end is very near!

(9/5/03) Yay! I finally finished cleaning up the ASOE third of Thunder Twins! I had a bunch of ugly .doc files sitting around—my way of cleaning up all of Billy Gates' white space and carriage returns from the code. Heh, the code looked more like an e-mail than something I'd want to use in my website. MS Word '97 might suck as far as html generation is concerned, but at least it cleaned the text up. It's too bad it refused to pass along “smart quotes” in the text, so I was forced to do it all by hand using Homesite's replace feature. I don't think I'll do that when I start cleaning up my weird stories, because it's not really that important, but I took the opportunity to make my big serious fic look good. ~~:-}

Okay, now for the easy part: updating the chapters in Eye of the Serpent. Most of the formatting is already done and my style is current. All I have to do is update the play button link because the image is in the spirestar root now, eliminate all but one of the redundant </p> tags, and keep my eyes open for little details that might not fit since I changed some things in the previous parts of the story.

I guess I won't have many excuses to finally write the ending, huh?

Oh yeah, I made the scrollbar green on this page for all you Internet Explorer v5.5+ users. Heh heh.

(9/1/03) Okay, I didn't have a problem when "The Counter" people decided to go commercial a year or two ago and make people subscribe to see all their stats. Yeah, I used to enjoy seeing where my visitors were coming from, what browsers they were using, what sites they were linking from, and even what they were putting into search engines to find me. (Although I wonder how "wileykit+sex" led to my site… as well as what sort of character typed that in.)

So… I got by using their "free account" for quite awhile. Suddenly, my counter started coming up blank, only saying "Tracked by The Counter." Uh huh. Okay, I tried to log into my account to get the basic number and was greeted by a webpage trying to get me to subscribe. While I can understand the need to make a little money to pay for bandwidth, they certainly aren't worth it to me when I have free scripts in my paid webspaces. Luckily, I remembered the number "29972" (although I'm sure I probably crossed 30K by that point, but does anyone really care?) I inserted a counter from one of my other websites but found their control panel applet isn't quite working: I couldn't preset it to 29972, so… I have my little patch. Until something better comes along, there's my counter.

In other news: I completely updated the first book of my giant Thunder Twins story (Return of the Mutants,) hopefully for the last time. (It's a curse that happens when I read my own writing!)

Actually, I'm doing it to build a file on my original characters so I have something to look at when I write the final ending to the whole thing. Oh yes, it's gonna happen! I'm looking forward to finishing the update I was doing on the ASOE chapter too—it was intended to be a reformatting job to clear out the white space and redundant tags that Front Page Express littered my older webpages with, but it also turned out to be a rewriting job since my style has improved from those days.

The end is getting closer, folks. ~~:-}

(6/25/03) Hell of a long time between updates, yes? I've been doing stuff like writing on Thunder Twins, but nothing significant enough to mention here, until now.

Complete restructuring! Yeah, I decided to use my SpireStar.com root for something: "The Mad Bassist's Little Website of Insanity!" Sound familiar? If not, that's what my site originally was called long ago before the Thundercats section grew too large and had to be moved out of my freebie 5MB space on fm-net.com (R.I.P.)

I once created a nice gif background with mountains and stars for a lighting company in North Dakota, along with a bunch of fluorescent tube-looking animated buttons. They liked my designs, but never got around to hiring me as a webmaster. Their loss, eh? Anyway, instead of letting that work lie dormant on my hard drive, I jazzed up the background and took the button design and changed it to what is now my E-Mail button. I also made some nice animated star buttons from scratch and threw them into the mix. Oh yeah, I made a nice logo for that lighting company, but alas, they never bought or used it, so… here it is for your enjoyment!

Version of logo meant for the dark blue star background now being used on the home page!

Oh yeah, I'm living back in Portland, Oregon again after being gone for eight years!

(8/28/02) I've had a DVD player since last Christmas, I've bought lots of discs, and I happened to notice my Weird Movies page is waaaay outdated. I'm starting to fix that now. Heh heh.

(2/1/02) Okay, I had to split the first season in the Evil Episode Reviews into three parts. Too much detail in the Evil Fan's commentary, y'know. Heh heh heh.

(1/11/02) I created a new icon for my episode reviews to point out where Lion-o gets knocked out. Heh heh heh. It's my first creation with my new toy: Adobe Photoshop Elements. Goodbye PhotoDeluxe! I also repaired the transparent holes in the other icons and the gif version of my 'gate logo.

(1/9/02) The Evil Fan has returned! Yes, thanks to Cartoon Network showing the Thundercats series again, and thanks to my mother getting a satellite system at her house, I'm building a collection of episodes from the beginning and seeing stuff I haven't seen since I was in my teens. Heh heh heh. I'm starting the whole Evil Episode Guide over again, and you'll see familiar writings among all the new details I'm writing about. The later seasons are on hold now, but I'll get to them eventually. Right now, enjoy the new Introduction along with a rewritten review of the Exodus movie, and the following new reviews: Trouble with Time and Pumm-Ra. Ahhhhh, life is good!

(12/27/01) Well, wouldn't you know it? I installed Windows 98 (Second Edition) on my machine, got Internet Explorer 6, and found out that my Javascript popups stopped working! After a little trip through Erik Bosrup's site, I customized and installed the latest version of his brilliant script. My popups are back!

(8/31/01) Brand-new features: G.R.Q. Theater 2001 and my parody of the Pontaic Ass-Tek website.

(5/10/01) Made the Thundercat link images clickable, and for those with Internet Explorer, hoverable. Heh heh.

(4/26/01) No more embedded midi players! (Or at least none on the pages I've cleaned up so far—there are still a few Crescendos lurking around.) The music is now presented with a simple button link: hit it and play the music if you want to. Just another little thing to speed up my site and not annoy visitors. Heh heh.

I also changed the CSS Style Sheets so you'll notice a big difference if you're using Internet Explorer 5.5: funky blue/black/red scrollbars that I designed.

(4/25/01) I wrote a new weird story: "Fixed" (Damn, I'm feeling evil!)

(4/20/01) I'm putting little "Updated" notices on Thunder Twins chapters as I finish them.

(4/10/01) The ThunderGate has moved once again! This site is now on a screamingly fast server in Texas, and it's paid space. Know what that means? High performance and NO COMMERCIALS!

(3/15/01) Lenna's Place is finished, and the non-animated logo is soooooo much smaller.

(3/14/01) The revision of Thunder Twins has started, and I'm trying Allaire's Homepage html editor now. So far it looks like the best thing to use.

(3/1/01) All pages now have a custom icon if you bookmark or create a shortcut using Internet Explorer 5+!

(2/22/01) WilyKit and WilyKat's pages are now in proper HotDog form. Heh heh. That brought back some memories. (Those pages are the prototype of my Thunder Twins story.)

(2/21/01) Now beginning to renovate the Evil Episode Guide. This is a project I'll be working on for some time. I may do some random rewriting on the second season, because I think some of the reviews are too short.

(2/15/01) Okay, I found out today that Netscape users are having trouble with my site. I installed Netscape Navigator as a second browser (in a limited fashion) and adjusted my code. It turns out that the java lake applet wasn't working all along, so I fixed that too. My midi player has yet another look, and should be fool-proof now. (Famous last words, eh?)

While my site looks ugly through Netscape, at least everything seems to work now. Problems: No custom colors on table borders, so my fiction and art pages suffer. (At least they use grey.) The backgrounds in the tables are sectioned off, so my main menu looks like so much tile work. Finally, even with the CSS code for "hover color," It's still a feature that Netscape doesn't support. Oh, well. (I speak of Navigator 4.08 anyway.)

(2/14/01) I'm starting to use CSS code: Cascading Style Sheets! The inital effect is noticeable on my main and art pages: links with no underlines unless I specify it! For some browsers that don't have "hover color" set, links will now start changing color when you touch them. In the future, I'll be using CSS for indenting paragraphs in my stories and maybe even a few special effects.

I'm also doing much "behind the scenes" html editing—changing common colors from hex codes to shorter English words and removing unnecessary quotes (as well as the usual trimming of all the garbage Front Page Express left behind!)

(2/13/01) The Art section is completely redone! Every picture has a "frame" (actually a one-celled table) and has been compressed within reason. The video captures benefitted the most as they were already compressed in their original form (before I started hacking on them!)

My awards and Captain Planet pages are updated now (with a few words about the newer X-Men series thrown in.)

(2/12/01) All of the jpegs that needed compression have been compressed—using Cyberview Image Pro! Yes, I bought it. There are a few minor "heatwaves" in my big logo, but most of the quality is still there. The main thing is that it's 24K instead of 62K! (The upside-down logo under the lake java applet was 46K—it's 5K now. The extreme compression and smoothing actually looks better in the lake effect.)

(2/10/01) Oh, how much I've done in the last few days. The complete renovation of this website has begun. I'm not using Front Page Express anymore (except maybe to compose tables until I get used to doing it by hand.) I'm using "HotDog Professional 6" to write and edit html now, and it's such a big change for me. FPE left tremendous amounts of garbage in my code, and I'm spending lots of time removing it all. At this point in time my home page, art index, weird item, and this page have all been changed to a much cleaner form! I really recommend HotDog at this point, especially to those who are programmers by nature. (It's a sophisticated code editor, and can be tried for 30 days from www.sausagetools.com.)

My original webspace at FortuneCity is now hosting my Adrenalin Reaction RealAudio files for streaming or downloading. When I master my recordings of The Edge (my second band,) I'll get them up too. (Now, if I can unearth my other counter to put there…)

The light version of my site is gone now (with a couple of strategic forwarding pages.) full.html is now an instant forwarding page that works as a patch to redirect anyone hitting my logo links on pages I haven't finished rebuilding. (This is because my main index isn't a "gateway" page anymore!) My art index and main pages load much, much faster now, thanks to HotDog's Image Lab program. The big logo (and most other jpegs) look a bit ugly now, but that will change when I buy the Cyberview Image Pro tool: It does selective compression, separate b/w and color compression, and has an enhanced color mode so my original colors will soon return. :-)

My art index page uses the Javascript buttons for the video capture section now. I just couldn't let those globes stay still. ;-)

Finally, I'm taking a step backward in music technology: I'm eliminating the embedded Crescendo Midi players throughout my site. It was a tough decision, but the fact is that many people don't have (or don't want) them. Unfortunately, the Windows Media Player (for PC's like mine—your computer will use whatever default player is set up) doesn't offer many controls; all my volume settings won't work now. At least I was able to prevent the songs from playing more than once and my pages are more universal now. If the embedded player fails, I've always provided a midi link right below it. Oh, yes. I have a couple of midis that had missing parts when played through Crescendo. Sorry, guys.

So much more work to do…

(2/7/01) The light version of my site is on its way out: I finally have the technology to compress images!

(10/6/00) Made light versions of many pages—'bout time!

(9/28/00) Long time, no update. Too busy with the band lately. Heh heh. Anyway, I added a new short story: Waking Dream!

(8/30/00) I started the Penny Tray Project in the non-Tcats area. Check it out, and see where your spare change could go! The ThunderCatChat room is dead, so I removed that page. A tremendous loss, but you just can't expect people that can't see each other in real life to get along. AOL's Instant Messenger is my home now, and I deal fine with everyone one-on-one (meaning a s***load of chat windows, half of which are people that hate each other and don't know who else I'm talking to. ::sigh:: What a life.)

(8/9/00) The light versions of the Art section and Lenna's Place are done.

(7/8/00) The streaming song of the day feature is gone due to lack of interest and the time I spent ripping, encoding, and uploading. I may start a separate website with the music of my two previous bands, however. ;-)

A new chapter of Thunder Twins - Eye of the Serpent (The Hurt) is up. I've been lounging around too long on the writing.

(7/6/00) thundergate.8m.com—that's the new home for this site. Sorry FC, I tried toughing it out, but adding that popup java window when someone leaves my site was the last straw. I do hope you get your shorter URL system to work properly anyway. 'Bye!

Hello, Freeservers! The banner is simple, there are no frames or popups, and I'm here to stay!

(7/4/00) The Evil Episode Guide is now available in a light version.

(6/29/00) I finally did it—a light version of my site for people who are tired of waiting for everything to load. While it means more work in the future, I think it's worth it. :-)

The Comet Cursors are gone now—they were too much of a hassle and besides, I have enough Javascript to go around anyway.

(6/22/00) Well, well, well. It looks like I've come full-circle. The Mad Bassist's Little Website of Insanity has been absorbed by The ThunderGate. This page will now be used to announce everything that's new!

There is so much—Mittens and Artemis have contributed more paintings for the art section.

Many new logos all over the place, thanks to the Flaming Text people.

The R-rated fiction section is gone—only available by e-mail request now. (It's being hosted from my personal webspace now.)

And finally, this site is in a new location to go with my new identity. ThunderManx is just easier on the eyes, yes?

(3/2/00) Custom cursors everywhere! Can you dig it?

(9/17/99) Most everything new is happening at the ThunderGate now, heh heh… hence the long time between updates here! I just finished revamping all the midi players, so they have that "Waiting for MIDI Device?" help message, as well as having preset volume levels so certain pages don't blast your speakers (if they're as cheap as mine!)

(6/19/99) DIVX IS DEAD!!! All the anti-DIVX things are gone… no longer needed! Now, I'll have to get a DVD movie player one of these days!

(5/9/99) My Adrenalin Reaction page is back… and I added a new Prehistoric Doom page after finding a neat archive while I was digging through some ftp sites!

(5/6/99) This website now resides on FortuneCity along with the ThunderGate… no more local ISP web servers.

(4/26/99) Sad day… got the news that FM-Net is shutting down, so I'm moving to BuffaloCity on 4/30/99.

(4/9/99) Huge change!!! My Thundercats page is now a separate site! Look for The ThunderGate!

(4/5/99) Placed extra guestbook and e-mail links on my T-cat homepage and radically altered the structure of Thunder Twins.

(3/11/99) Moved the Lion-o/Bolton pic to the T-cat homepage and added the rainbow bars.

(3/3/99) Major change! All links that lead off my site (with the exception of the Rebel Radio links to free up the sound) now open a new browser window. Clever, no? The WilyKit and WildKat "posters" do the same thing too! Always a new HTML trick to learn. Also, in true Mad Bassist fashion, Lenarra (my cub) has her own music now. (Yanni works, yes?)

(3/1/99) I finally did it: adopted a cub! She's right here!

(2/24/99) Finally, not just a counter, but two of them! I also joined the Ring of Thundera WebRing. Unfortunately, I had to drop my Adrenalin Reaction page… it'll be back on a free website eventually—with more tunes!

(2/18/99) WildKat (WilyKat) now has his webpage!

(2/15/99) WilyKit's webpage is up!

(1/22/99) Added "Erich's Weird Item of the Day!"

(1/21/99) Added a new logo to the Thundercats Fan-Fiction page.

(1/17/99) Added many links to my Thundercat friends… and added a giant picture-link for the Rebel Radio Network since they finally fixed their ReadAudio! I'm banging my head right now!!!

(1/16/99) Changed a couple of backgrounds, and added my very first attempt at a celebrity fake! This started when someone said Alluro looks like Michael Bolton. I have proof that's not the case! Heh heh heh…

(1/1/99) Completely changed the sound system once again! Now, no clutter… just an embedded player to mess with! Right-click on it for extra options (including saving the midi if you really want to do that!) Special thanks to Xahji the Myrmidon for unknowingly helping me! (You now have a link, friend.) I always wanted to have a visible player (so people could shut it off or restart it if they wanted to), but I couldn't get it to cooperate before.

(12/28/98) Added WilyKit and WilyKat's pictures to the home page and updated the fan-fic's look.

(12/23/98) Thanks to Crazy Cat, I'm using the new "embed" command instead of Microsoft's "bgsound" for background music. Result? The music doesn't stop when you minimize the browser window, it does stop when you close it, and if you're playing a midi using another program— the background music starts automatically when the other program is finished! (Well, that's how it works for me… Crescendo is my browser's midi player.) Oh, yes… Netscape and others can play the music too! So in conclusion— Bill Gates can bite me on this one!

  Another update… I was always frustrated with "Front Page Express" because I couldn't indent paragraphs! Well, I finally figured it out. Open your HTML with Notepad, and add &nbsp; and a space at the beginning of the text. Once again, Bill Gates can BITE ME!

(12/21/98) All right… I had to do it! The Thunder Twins fan-fic now has background music.

(12/16/98) Major change! I finally added a Thundercats feature! This is my ongoing fan-fic about WilyKat and WilyKit in their late teens… expect to see something new every week or so! I had to axe "Convince the Children" from my Adrenalin Reaction page for space… if anyone cares, I might record the rest of those old keg-party tunes and rotate 'em weekly! (The Star-Spangled Banner stays for sure…)

(12/13/98) Added a few more movies (Nightbreed being a big oversight on my part!) and re-wrote my review of Hellraiser.

(12/3/98) Had to add a few more cartoons to my Cap Planet page. Thanks to "THE LORDLY AND STUDLY DAVE MAN" for reminding me (by way of my guest book) of GI Joe and Transformers… that brought back some memories, and got me started!

(12/2/98) Changed the background for the Movies page, and added more movies! (How I could have forgotten Blue Velvet is beyond me!) I also added the "Shoot-me-up Elmo" thing to my homepage… if anyone knows who did this, please let me know so I may bestow proper credit upon them (that picture kills me!) I also added two new paragraphs about "Causality" and "The Big Let-down" in my time travel page because of all the e-mail that I've been getting from folks who disagree with me. That's cool, really. I don't expect everyone to think I'm right, because I sure as hell don't know everything. I'm just attempting to offer some simple views that are realistic in my eyes!

(11/26/98) Got rid of the animated welcome banner (cause it took forever to load, and didn't look that good anyway!) and added the movie section.

(11/24/98) Finally… a picture of me! I tried to use a clever GIF transparency, but the photo looked awful! 256 colors just doesn't cut it. Oh well, a black square never killed anyone… I also added a more detailed closeup on my Bio page.

(11/18/98) Added the cute speaker-links for easy access to my background music for those whose browsers can't play it automatically. (That's about everyone besides Internet Explorer 3.0+ users!) I also did a major re-arrangement on the eyeballs… enjoy 'em while you can, they're finally on their way out!

(11/12/98) Added a guest book! (Thanks to Dreambook, and Crazy Cat for recommending it!)

(11/11/98) I had to add links for Windows 95 Annoyances because they helped me so much with my Win95 system, and I just had to put in links for a couple of good anti-DIVX places. Read their sites and weep… no… act!

(11/5/98) Nothing special… Just converted the backgrounds for the Time Travel and Captain Planet pages to GIF's. I altered both of these pics, and my Adobe tool apparently can't make JPEG's as highly compressed as the originals. These were over 50KB, so now they're much smaller (7 and 10KB) thanks to the GIF format. Maybe these pages will load just a little bit quicker now… I gotta find a better tool for JPEG making!

(10/31/98) Oh goody… an activity! I just added the "Bill Clinton Poll" to my home page for the hell of it. I have no idea who wrote this clever little Windows program, but I'd like to buy them a drink! I also added a few links, and updated my MIDI page.

(10/28/98) Did some minor rewriting here and there… mostly in the Cap Planet and Links pages. I also compressed the "Fried Cap Planet" pic to half it's former size, without screwing up the picture— now it loads much faster! (Now, if I could just do it to that background pattern…)

(10/24/98) Yeeeahhhh ha ha haaa! My Adrenalin Reaction page is finally up. Now you can all torture yourselves with stuff from my first band, plus a very early recording of my evil Star Spangled Banner!

(10/20/98) Finally, something new! I have just about had it with these wimpy cartoons that they're calling "entertainment". Well, here's my piece on Captain Planet, Saban's rotten shows, and to balance out the negative… some animated shows that I do like!

(10/12/98) As of right now, this whole website is new… So the best I can do is tell you about some upcoming attractions in the months ahead…

First off, I will have some pictures of myself, along with the other guys in "The Edge" as soon as I get them scanned and sent to me (Until then, you'll just have to settle for disembodied eyeballs!)

I will be featuring some of my father's artwork… he's a serious artist (who will eventually do CD covers for us in the future!) and I will be posting his classic "not-so-serious" stuff like "Mainstream Madness" from the eighties. Stay tuned…

I also plan to have some music from Adrenalin Reaction, the band I used to be in around '95. I hope to use mp3's to get them across, but I'll probably have to use the .ra format (RealAudio) due to limited server space.

There will also be a Thundercats page, but it won't be like anything else you've ever seen…

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